15 Best Youtube Channel Ideas For Beginners 2023

Youtube Channel Ideas – if you want to know youtube channel ideas, then this is the right place to get a unique name for your youtube channel. Here you can also get an idea for the youtube channel name idea list to find the best topic for the youtube channel. This youtube videos idea is for beginners who are going to start a youtube channel in 2021

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Youtube Channel Ideas | Youtube Video Ideas For Beginners 2021

Youtube Channel Ideas for beginners 2021

How is your YouTube tour?

If you are also considering posting YouTube videos with your name or banner, that’s good. But the key is knowing what type of video and content to go with first. Some of us clearly understand what to post and how to start a YouTube channel. For others, here are some trendy ideas and themes to create your YouTube journey. So stay tuned for some awesome YouTube channel ideas and YouTube video themes.

How to find YouTube niche ideas?

It is not strictly necessary, but creating content related to a topic that interests you is more accessible.

Make a list of 50 to 100 ideas, and we will help you with your thoughts in this article.

If you have a lot of ideas, you can eventually get rid of the ones you hate the most.

Some questions to help you find your niche:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What topics can you write a book about?
  • What makes you happy or angry?
  • What is your occupation?
  • What are your Hobbies? What do you do in your free time?
  • What are your strengths and abilities?
  • What was the last documentary you read (or saw) and an interesting informational book?
  • What Facebook groups are you following? (The group theme can be a great niche.) The same goes for the channels of Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networks.

Where to find YouTube niche ideas

Bring creativity to the YouTube niche idealist.

First, let’s take a look at some of these resources.


Explore the subcategories on Amazon.com.

For example, the ‘Automotive’ category has subcategories like ‘Exterior Accessories,’ ‘Tires and Wheels,’ etc.

These subcategories can be an excellent idea for your YouTube niche.


You can find a list of hobbies that could be a niche for YouTube on Wikipedia.

Find stunts, acting, astronomy, and more in 2 seconds. And it’s just an “A.”

You can also find job and sports listings on Wikipedia.


The Craigslist and eBay online marketplaces have (sub) categories.

Subcategories can be a great YouTube niche.


Forums like Quora or Reddit also have categories that can translate well into niches.

YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners in 2023

YouTube is a platform that can offer great rewards to channels with high views. The most successful YouTubers can do what they love and earn a decent amount of money simultaneously. But if it was easy to come up with a viral idea, everyone can make influenced on YouTube. There are many things and point to keep in your mind when becoming a YouTube. Increasing YouTube views and subscribers can be complicated, and you must keep everything right. From channel design to content. But if you do everything right, YouTube can be a great place to earn extra income and pay your bills.

Make sure you have an attractive channel with a great channel layout that sets scenes and themes for your viewers. Whether your track is adorned with geometric designs like this or is theme-related, it should include quality video content and ideas. You may be looking for inspiration if you haven’t created a YouTube channel yet. Well, you have come to the right place. Here is a list of the best YouTube video ideas on YouTube. We’ve put together 100 great ideas to help you get more views. Each idea comes with some helpful tips detailing how to make a video.

Create a YouTube intro

YouTube Video Ideas on Popular Topics

This collection of YouTube video ideas is divided into 7 categories: General YouTube Ideas, Business, Fashion & Beauty, Games, Sports & Fitness, Movies & TV, and Music. If you haven’t created a channel yet, this post can be a great way to get started with some beginner YouTube channel ideas based on what’s best for what you want to get on YouTube. So no matter what type of YouTube channel you have or have, here is something to help you generate quality video ideas and increase your viewers.

YouTube channel ideas for 2023

You can skip this part if you already have a channel, but if you’re entirely new to YouTube, having a solid YouTube channel idea is a good starting point. It starts with you. What are you doing? What do you like? What are you good at? It would help if you asked questions about yourself and your interests or goals related to your business. Here are 7 channel ideas to get you thinking in the right direction. Scroll down for 100 YouTube video ideas detailing 7 channel ideas.


Fashion is always in style, and there is always an audience for people with good fashion advice. If you think of yourself, starting a fashion channel is a prevalent YouTube channel idea that many people choose, so make it unique.

YouTube gaming channel:

This can be surprisingly fun and lucrative if you are interested in games. Esports is a growing industry, so if you have unmatched goals and abilities in Modern Warefare or Fortnite, this could be your calling. If so, ensure your channel is visible with the YouTube game channel layout.

This falls into the realm of technology as well, but gaming has become a separate niche in its own right. To do this, we can produce videos about the gaming industry with reviews and tutorials. These are some familiar and likable points of this niche’s most popular categories.

Tutorial: Make a video of your game while you play. Some users who are stuck on stage may need help to complete this. Suggest how and how to erase these levels.

Live Games – Host live game events. If you’re working professionally, host live gaming events for the most popular games.

Streaming Gameplay: Streaming is a competitive category. So, make your videos attractive and stand out. Add a little humor and make it interactive. Add some new elements to make your video more engaging.

News and Trends – Add videos with the latest news and information. You can also talk about the game glitches. Lead a discussion about future games.

Top Games – List 5-10 games in your video and help users know which is the best for their console or PC. Game Video of the Year talks about questionable games and talks about mods.

In addition, it can also contain stories about various types of games, industry news (announcements and events), and other similar content within the scope of competitions.


Ok, this is not very popular as it is essential for most online businesses. You may not advertise on YouTube, but that doesn’t mean your account isn’t helpful. You can have tutorial videos, testimonials, event videos for your products, and more! If you have video content (if you need it), YouTube is a great place to store it.

Sports and fitness:

Youtube Channel Ideas | Youtube Video Ideas For Beginners 2021

This has always been a favorite of everyone interested in sports and fitness, and sports and fitness channels have been on the rise since COVID shook the world and closed gyms.

Workouts – Add Spectator Workouts to suit specific conditions. It’s like exercise for diabetics, arthritis, cervix, joint pain, and more.

Diet – Suggest foods and supplements for healthy exercise. Supplement Suggestions, Informative, Healthy Snacks, and More

Yoga: teach yoga to your viewers. Do another asana and upload a video.

Weight loss – Suggest a weight loss plan. Add exercise, diet, healthy practices, and everything else that helps viewers lose weight.

News & Trends: Myth-busting videos and fighting fake news work well too. Give your users reliable information.

Movies and TV:

Youtube Channel Ideas | Youtube Video Ideas For Beginners 2021


If you are a movie lover and love intricate stories about movies and TV series, please share your thoughts with a broader audience. People like you love hearing other people’s opinions online about the latest blockbuster movies or more niche movie categories.

Music channels:

Youtube Channel Ideas | Youtube Video Ideas For Beginners 2021

These channel ideas can range from singing a song, teaching a song, or giving a tutorial. Whatever your interest in music, YouTube can be a way to spread your knowledge of the subject or your skills in anything else.

If you represent a budding talent, you can upload videos while playing instruments, songs, tutorials, song covers, trailers, and more.

Singing Video – A budding talent can upload a video of their singing and share it with everyone on the web. If you are a good writer, build an audience by uploading original songs.

Singing Tutorials: Famous singers and scholars can help people learn music by uploading tutorial videos.

Play an instrument: If you are good at playing an instrument, upload a video while you play. Artists and musicians can watch performances through YouTube as long as the right people view the video.

Top Songs – People love listening to songs and need pre-made playlists of their favorite songs. It could be jazz, blues, country, hip-hop, etc. Create playlists and share them with your users.

Mashups: If you have creative editing skills, you can create and upload mashups to your channel.

Music cover: upload the surface of the song to Youtube. If you can successfully build a fan base, you can make a giant leap in your career.

Unplugged: Popular songs sung on the guitar or with some instruments are nostalgic. The audience also favors the disconnected versions of selected songs.


Youtube Channel Ideas | Youtube Video Ideas For Beginners 2021


This niche includes a wide range of video content that can share can share on this platform. Almost everything today has to do with technology. Be it the food we eat, what we study, the way we work, the way we live, and what we don’t.

In this scenario, you can work on multiple videos and start uploading them to Youtube.

News – Share the latest technology from around the world. Talk about benefits, impacts, disruptions, and everything.

Gadget Reviews: Thousands of gadgets appear on the market every day. If you can get hold of some of them, start posting reviews. Down the line, brands can contact you directly to review their products.

Testing: We test new products. It can be cell phones, household appliances, and all the other technological equipment people use daily. While we explain how it works, we create a video and teach the user how to operate it optimally.

Top-10: Help users make informed purchasing decisions. Offers for various products in the segment. For example, these are the 10 best mobile phones on a budget. 10 printers for a large office or 10 microwaves for the kitchen, etc.

Trends – Talk about how some technologies have evolved. You can also post videos of scientific tests, unknown facts, innovations, and more.

You can also talk about different types of skills and take classes related to science subjects. You can also add tutorials to help people learn complex, difficult-to-understand software and tools.


There are also certain groups of people on YouTube content related to food. Suppose you have created a cooking tutorial channel that explains how to prepare various Indian dishes. Only those who want to know how to cook Indian cuisine will come here.

Recipe – Pick a niche and start creating recipe videos for your viewers. Start with simple dishes. Add your elements to your words to make them more attractive.

Quiz: Add food quizzes and videos to discuss unknown facts about different foods and ingredients.

Diet Blog: If you know different types of diets, please add videos about their origins, different types of recipes, benefits, and ingredients.

Health plan: Practice some health problems through video. Send a message to your viewers. Videos that suggest and encourage innovative ways to reduce sugar, fat, carbohydrates, and more are popular.

Nutritional Values – Create videos that explain nutrition facts and information about food ingredients. Help users with tips on how can prepare dishes with different ingredients.

Secret Recipe: Find Grandma’s recipe and explain how to make it.


This niche is for you if you want to share your creative side with the world. And creativity knows no limits. You can add any video here. If you are a painter, photographer, videographer, dancer, or have the skills, you can add a video related to your domain here.

DIY it: If you have a unique skill, create something while making a video. It can be anything from nail art to making wood or metal sculptures. Or something else. Suggest how and how to make a utility at home. It can be a storage rack, shelf, basket, lamp, etc.

Painting – Create videos for viewers to learn the art of painting. Suggest tips and tricks using brushes, mixed colors, and canvas.

Home Decoration – Videos on decorating your home, room, or garden are popular with viewers. If you have creative eyes and can do it yourself, make a video and share it on your channel.

Photography – Start your professional photography channel. Add photos to your videos, create collages, and share them with your viewers.

Photo Editing – Add tutorial videos on photo editing. Help users learn to use editing tools like Fotor or Photoshop.

A YouTube Niche You Should Stay Away From

If you can’t find a good sub-niche that doesn’t have a lot of competition, there are several niches to avoid.

Research these sub-niches thoroughly before you begin.

Common YouTube niches to avoid (better ideas later in this article)


Cooking too competitive


Diet, health, and nutrition WAAAAY so competitive.

It would be entirely out of place, even in a sub-niche.


Sports Sports in general, especially fitness: WAAAAY is too competitive.


Beauty and fashion.


very competitive
Finance How to Get Rich Too Competitive Finance + YMYL Content *
Online Business Startup Too Competitive+ YMYL Content *


overly competitive
Photography The competition is too hard


Video / Entertainment Blogs


Hard to Find
Technology Technological competition is so fierce—especially mobile phones.

Evergreen content is complex.


Gaming Gaming is probably the most competitive “niche” on YouTube.

Even YouTube is aware that there are exceptions for gaming channels to YouTube features.

Seriously, even beginners don’t try.

Streaming, especially games in general, is very competitive.


music channels


highly competitive
Dating and romance


are too competitive
Broad topic channel Content from all general topic channels will not appeal to anyone.


children’s content, Nature is sensitive to being unable to monetize advertising.


Medical content YMYL content *


* YMYL = your money, your life. Google (part of YouTube) is very sensitive to content from untrusted authors. You need to configure the permissions: https://www.semrush.com/blog/eat-and-ymyl-new-google-search-guidelines-acronyms-of-quality-content/ It’s a specific Google problem now, but this kind of Google “stuff” tends to flow to YouTube.

Niche Ideas for a Competitive YouTube Niche

To enter the niche in the table above, you need to narrow your place to a micro-level or have a unique angle that no one else has. Otherwise, you are doomed.

Below, we look at some of the sub-niches of the niches mentioned in the table above to show that we should narrow them down.


Youtube Channel Ideas | Youtube Video Ideas For Beginners 2021

Cooking for Singles / Cooking for Friends (Singles)

There are many singles and single men.

They are easy, cheap, fast, and healthy meals.

Any ideas:

  • Prescription
  • Herb
  • Essential ingredients that everyone has at home
  • Cooking
  • Steamer

Chocolate recipe

Youtube Channel Ideas | Youtube Video Ideas For Beginners 2021


Niche in chocolate recipes, for example.

However, it is still a touch niche, so consider it a more niche market.


However, it is still a tactile niche, so consider it a more niche market.

  • How to make cocktails?
  • Better ingredients
  • Color components
  • Non-alcoholic cocktails
  • Entourage (umbrella, fire, etc.)

Be careful. Promoting or consuming alcohol is considered sensitive content (see Community Guide and Ad Guidelines).


There are not enough gaps yet. It would help if you went deeper.


  • How to make your ice cream
  • Ice cream flavor / Ingredients for ice cream flavor
  • Make your flavored ice cream (beer ice cream, the most disgusting taste (like gross candy but with ice))
  • A flavor that goes well with ice (same combination as brownies)

Kitchen utensils/knife

Kitchen utensils like knives and cheese graters.

  • What tools are suitable for the job? Meat/fish knives etc.
  • How to set the table for a tremendous multi-course Christmas dinner
  • BBQ equipment
  • Kitchen utensils to survive
  • Law of the knife
  • How to sharpen knives like a chef

Sweets all over the world

Every country in the world has its sweets.

Asian sweets taste strange to Westerners.

In the Netherlands, there are typical Dutch caramel-shaped waffles (licorice) and strobe waffles (hardened waffles).

Video ideas

  • Tasting / Packaging reviews
  • History of sweets (past sweets)
  • Index of sweets by country
  • Tools needed to eat sweets (e.g., cheese fingers to avoid getting fingers dirty from cheese snacks)


Sports, in general, are very competitive, especially fitness.

If you want to enter a sports niche, don’t choose conventional sports like soccer, basketball, or tennis.

Most sports are seasonal, so the channel will likely be in peak season.

If you research the topic, you may need to find a more specialized market.

Select sports like:

  • Golf
  • Cricket
  • rock climbing
  • Dance (market niches ranging from specific dances: salsa, merengue, key Zomba, etc.)
  • Chess
  • Cycling
  • Hiking (the most beautiful hiking spot in Idaho)
  • Archery
  • Scuba diving
  • Skydiving
  • The following fighting sports are judo, jujitsu, and more.
  • (Ice skating
  • Skateboard

Beauty and fashion

Youtube Channel Ideas | Youtube Video Ideas For Beginners 2021


Don’t do makeup tutorials. There are so many girls doing makeup tutorials.

It isn’t easy to stand out.

  • Barber
  • The esthetician (pro) conducts a tutorial on the subject.
  • Provide information that typical Instagram models cannot.
  • For example:
  • Skin type (how to treat different skin types);
  • How to Get Rid Of Acne – Expert Advice On Behalf Of Your Sponsored Instagram Model Or Marketing Department;
  • Matching makeup colors (color theory)

If you’re taking the professional route, stay away from the cheeky bikini stuff (I know it’s crazy to look at). But that would contradict his image as a professional.


If you want to go the beauty, fashion, or health food route, pair it with a sassy bikini and lingerie thong.

Bikini/lingerie items can attract visitors (primarily men) to your channel to create the beauty, fashion, or food content you want.

There is a lot of competition in the beauty/fashion/food sector, but it can increase thanks to participation (mainly men).

You cannot monetize your videos with YouTube ads.

It would help if you worked with the sponsor.

You also need Patreon or Onlyfans to show some more.

Bikinis and lingerie are huge!


A niche of wear.

This is an excellent topic for hairdressers.

  • Hairstyle
  • wig
  • Hair type
  • The best hairstyle for your hair type
  • How to cut your boyfriend’s hair

How to make your clothes

How can you make cheap and stylish clothes?

We can talk about different styles, colors, fabrics, and more.

They have a wide variety of clothing, including bikinis, skirts, dresses, headbands, and pants.

You can create playlists by style and outfit.


Technical description

If you want to choose technology instead of bringing the latest and greatest in technology, choose the Technology Overview path.

This content has been relevant for several years, making it easier to grow.


  • Wi-Fi technology
  • How mobile phones work
  • IP protocol
  • HDD vs. SSD
  • History reduction (for example, how Google came to dominate)
  • Check outdated computer hardware (for example, Windows 95 patch)

Channels like: LGR, Tom Scott, Computerphile, Gaming Historian (username: mcfrosticles)

You better take it unique because you are not the first.

Draw a picture, check the location, and show the hardware in action or have some entertaining angles.

Enjoyable channels like Scott the Woz and Jay Foreman come to mind.

Even if you are not particularly interested in a particular topic (as a viewer), you can still watch it because of the humor.

Robot sports


  • How to make a combat robot
  • How to build and program a robot

3d print

  • How to make a 3D print?
  • What do you need for 3D printing?
  • Where can I find free / paid 3D models?
  • How to make your 3D model?
  • What different kinds of 3D printers do you have?
  • Types and different materials that can use can use for 3D printing
  • Printers can be reviewed (but they are not always popular).


  • Word Press tutorials (competitive niche)
  • SEO (competitive niche)
  • How to write good blog articles
  • How to make money from blogging.

Youtube channel name ideas list

You will have better luck in a less competitive niche.

What are the best YouTube niches in 2021?

Try one of the following:

Car/plane (and other modes of transport)

Any transportation can be a good niche if you are a niche.

Monetization can be a bit tricky.

You can sell auto accessories through the Amazon affiliate program.

You have to rely primarily on sponsorships and merchandise.

Car Repair

Car repair


  • How to fix your car.
  • Replacement of the car battery
  • Replacement of the exhaust pipe

Retro car

  • Old car reviews
  • Build (or restore) your retro car (any stadium).
  • Can you guess what the old car sounds like / what kind of car this is?


  • How to race cars.
  • Sports rules
  • Categories (Car Battle Competition, Drag Race,

Language and migration

Learn to speak/migrate a language

Do you speak a second language (maybe bilingual)?

Especially countries like the Netherlands are tiny, and few people will care for them.

You can monetize your course.

Video ideas:

  • Learn to speak a language
  • Grammatical rules
  • Most used words/addresses
  • Can I start a business in a foreign country (e.g., a bed and breakfast)
  • How to apply for a visa
  • What type of visa do you have?
  • What are the best countries or regions of a country to migrate to?
  • What you need to know when migrating to countries X, Y, and Z

About the country and culture

Information about the country.

  • Travel tips
  • Tourism (Chinese wall, Mexican Cenote)
  • Big cities
  • Habits/traditions / how to be courteous
  • Language (see above)
  • food


Procedures and guides have become synonymous with YouTube in recent years.

What topics do you know a lot about?

Monetization can be difficult in this niche, and you must rely on endorsements, merchandise, etc.


  • Choose the right sub-niche to avoid too much competition.
  • Also, target long-tail keywords.
  • Has a unique or humorous angle.
  • Creating clickable thumbnails and titles is very important in this niche.

Curiosity channel example:

  • Be smarter every day
  • Tom Scott
  • Slow person

Funny, strange product

About unusual/strange objects and products.

Products that used to be used in the past have become obsolete over the years.

For example, there are also products (tools) that are only used in certain countries.

Example: Cheese slicers are only used in the Netherlands. How have register changers worked in the past?

Video ideas:

  • Let the people on the street guess what the product is.
  • Product information / How to use the product
  • Product or related work history (different)

Home / DIY

Furniture building

You can create your furniture and sell it in your web store.

You can develop tools (like a double-sided hammer for a chair) and sell them on your web store.

Video ideas:

  • How to make curtains
  • How to make a closet
  • How to make chairs, tables, etc.
  • How to fix a classic Louis XIV wardrobe

Interior design

If you’re not careful, you can be competitive and choose a sub-niche.

Here are some general ideas for sub-niches.

  • Room Decoration
  • Color scheme
  • Find the right accessory for your room
  • Videos include hanging pictures, curtain rods, ceiling painting, etc.

Roof and roof repair

This niche is exciting if you are in the roof repair business.

We can show you the roof of your client’s house and how to repair it.

This establishes your authority in the space to sell your services.

Video ideas:

  • How to fix your roof
  • Types of roofs/tiles
  • Types of structures
  • Types of support beams

Do it yourself

  • How to build your own bathroom/kitchen
  • How to treat wood floors
  • How to lay tiles on the floor
  • How to drill a hole in a tile wall and avoid cracks in the tile

Home security

  • What is safe? How many measurements should I take?
  • When to call the police
  • Do you need bars on your windows?
  • What is a security lock?
  • (best) alarm system

Acting / Magic

You can magically perform art on YouTube.

However, it can also describe details or aspects of a technique.

You can make money by selling cheats (for example, in video format).

You can develop materials to perform tricks and sell them (cloaks, special chests with hidden walls, etc.).

You can also sell magic materials through affiliate programs like Amazon (Amazon fees are low).

Video ideas:

  • How to do your tricks
  • Tell us about a mistake or something strange.
  • Perform magic

Fishing Spots

For example, you can make money by selling related products like baits, angle accessories, or affiliate programs through Amazon (Amazon has low fees).


  • Types of fishing (fly fishing, etc.)
  • Fishing rod
  • Bait
  • What you need for (fly) fishing
  • Best fishing vacations/places around the world

Plants and gardens

For example, you can make money by selling seeds/planets or related products like watering cans (make sure they are unique as people can buy watering cans anywhere).

Market niches for certain types of plants:

  • Succulents
  • (Community) Growing organic herbs in your garden or greenhouse.
  • Garden flowers
  • Garden flowers that attract butterflies
  • Floral decorations (at home, wedding, or workplace)
  • Other garden niches
  • Ponds (make ponds, plants, fish, fountains, garden gnomes, etc.)

Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts are very fertile subjects.

The beauty of art is that it is personal, and you are unique.

Your unique style in work or crafts is your unique selling point.

Your creativity is your niche!

Modern phones can only hold so many videos, but this is not your art.

You can make a video blog of know-how about information appropriate content about other artists (meet other artists).

You can monetize your art production process (how to draw like Bob Ross in 50 videos).

You can also develop your products (paints, pencils, cleaning, etc.).


  • Coal
  • Pencil hardness h1, h2, etc.
  • Drawing skills
  • Paper type/drawing surface
  • Draw nude models
  • Animation

Paint, etc.

  • Brush
  • Technology
  • Canvas


  • Gun type (double action, single action)
  • Painting
  • How to remove paint
  • Brush templates
  • Technology
  • Gun cleaning


  • How to write a book (novel/non-fiction)
  • How to write a song
  • How to write a short story
  • How to write a blog
  • Structure of the story
  • Talk with pictures
  • How to write a movie script
  • How to publish a book (desktop publishing versus publisher)


  • Vocal range (soprano, tenor, bass)
  • Singing techniques
  • Warm-up exercise (great for watching repeated videos)

Learn a musical instrument

  • Music theory (suitable for taking courses)
  • Piano
  • Etc

More niche markets

  • Street art
  • Animation (hand-drawn / 3d)
  • Jewelry making (= Competitive)
  • Manufacture of candles
  • Tissue

Miniature art

Youtube Channel Ideas | Youtube Video Ideas For Beginners 2021


Monetization is a bit difficult on this topic.

I’ve been looking at the model train niche for myself.

Since it’s a 65+ hobby, the brand doesn’t target a younger internet audience, so there are few affiliate programs, for example.

Joining Amazon is an option, but the fees are deficient.

You can monetize your courses, but most of the topics don’t go beyond what you can offer through YouTube videos.

For example, you can create a very long course on designing a model train from start to finish.

Model Train / Military / Fantasy (card game)

  • Landscapes (creating mountains, water, waterfalls, houses, rubble, etc.)
  • How to build your own locomotive/tank
  • Digitalization of railway models
  • How to start as a hobby
  • Scales (O, HO, N, Z)
  • Model railroads in tight spaces (perfect niche theme!)
  • Weathering and painting (technique)

Flying airplane model

  • Model aircraft flight rules
  • Contest
  • [See train model]

Survival / Preparation

Youtube Channel Ideas | Youtube Video Ideas For Beginners 2021


This could be Bear Grills’ type of survival or doomsday preparation.

  • What plants/animals are not poisonous?
  • How do you cook the food?
  • How to build a campsite?
  • Foods with a long shelf life
  • Survival equipment (boots, food, backpack, etc.)

Toys and games

I mean retro toys and games, children’s toys and games.

But perhaps there are also current toys.

There is a large community of toy and game collectors.

An example is the large Lego community.

We know from experience that having a retro gaming channel is very difficult to monetize.

Sponsorship is not about vintage products.

The course is also challenging.

Buying in bulk and selling games/toys is time-consuming, and hard to earn adequate money.

Video ideas:

  • Toys/games/kits from a specific era
  • Review of old toys/games/kits
  • Read a retro magazine (I have seen the video)
  • Talk about toys/games
  • Show collections

In this niche, viewers are much more patient than in other niches, and collecting the most extended and average watch time is more accessible.

This niche is purely nostalgic, so reading old game magazines, for example, works great.

Niche for friends

The “beauty” and fashion niche for men is not as saturated as it is for women.

Sponsorship is probably the primary source of income.

You can sell your services as a coach or clothing consultant.

Male personal care

  • Popular haircuts, hairstyles
  • How to grow a beard/mustache
  • Check trimmers and other personal care-related products]

Male modeling

  • Food tips
  • Trusted Tips

Men Style

  • How to tie a tie
  • Points to consider when buying clothes
  • Size and size chart
  • How do I know if the jacket fits me?

Buying a house

This may be a good niche if you are a real estate agent or professional handyperson.

You can sell real estate services and get advice on better selling your home.

House for sale

  • Home sales + Buying tips
  • Financial advice (additional fees, notary public, mortgage (YMYL note))
  • Where to live cheaply in the country/world
  • What to look for at home
  • Flip the house
  • Immigration: buying a house abroad

Sell your house faster

Quick and easy modifications/renovations to help you sell your home faster.

Video ideas:

  • Repair of stairs
  • Fix holes in walls
  • Mural painting
  • Sort / clean
  • Rearrangement of furniture
  • Decorate with cheap furniture (probably related to the famous Swedish furniture store)

Spirituality / Personal Coaching / Happiness

Youtube Channel Ideas | Youtube Video Ideas For Beginners 2021


Common video ideas in the spiritual niche:

  • Space
  • Karma
  • Law of attraction


Share your knowledge of religion.

What are the shared beliefs/theories in your religion? You can discuss the topic in any video.

It can be any religion or religion from around the world, such as Buddhism and the 180 sub-regions of Buddhism.

Monetization can be challenging.

I will not accept any form of commercial activity related to my religion. I know it is more accepted here in America than in Europe.

Any commercial intention of religion is prohibited here in Europe.

Personal Coaching

It makes people happy and allows them to cope better with difficult situations in their personal life. For example:

  • How to get over a breakup (competitive issue)
  • How to deal with the loss of a loved one
  • How to find a job (competitive subject)
  • Employee rights (can be YMYL)
  • How to fight less with your spouse
  • Cope well with stress

The previous topic is extensive.

You can sell individual courses on each of these topics.


Being a parent can create a moral dilemma.

These are good topics to discuss in the video.

I would avoid medical content like “My son has a finger, band-aid, or hospital” due to the nature of YMYL (unless he is a licensed physician).

However, topics like “My child is being bullied at school. How should I deal with it?” They can be good.

Without a particular angle, parenting would be too extensive.

I would suggest a bit more niche than parenting in general, for example, raising a child with ADHD.

Some video ideas:

  • How to punish a child in the right way.
  • How do you get your child to learn lessons?
  • Tips for putting your baby to sleep
  • Baby on the way: What do you need?
  • Toy reviews from parents’ point of view (educational value, children quickly get bored with toys, they break quickly, etc.)


Job information: find a job, keep a job, or promote a job.

This niche market would be great if you were a career coach.

You can sell courses like writing a good job application.

Video ideas:

  • Fill out a good job application.
  • Job interview/evaluation
  • Career guidance (find the best job for you)
  • How to request a raise
  • How to request a promotion
  • How to deal with bullying in the workplace
  • I can’t stand my coworkers. When can I slap you in the face? (I’m joking about the punch part, of course).

Grandma’s wisdom

Youtube Channel Ideas | Youtube Video Ideas For Beginners 2021


Some advice your grandmother will give you.

Make sure the old lady joins the camera.

There is only one person.

  • Cook delicious meals like her grandmother.
  • Know how to remove wine stains from shirts.
  • How to refresh the smell of clothes after going out
  • How to make your hearing look good after using too much bleach

You can drive some traffic through your search with people looking for a solution to your problem, but be sure to use curiosity-driven titles and thumbnails.

Monetization is difficult.

You can earn affiliate commissions by testing reviews and recommending products.

In this case, the topic may be too broad and specific (advice on grandma’s clothes, advice on grandma’s cooking, etc.).

Comedy, humor, joke

There is a lot of competition, but none.

The reason I say this is that you are your unique individual.

Nobody has the same humor as you.

There are many potentials here, but you need to be in it in the long run.

Getting discovered (as with video blogging) is a considerable challenge.

Monetization is also a big problem.

Earning affiliate commissions is complex, and courses are challenging (but irrevocable).

You will have to trust sponsors.


Youtube Channel Ideas | Youtube Video Ideas For Beginners 2021


I mean animals that are not pets (the pet niche is quite saturated).

Some niche ideas:

  • Bird watching (suitable for the course)
  • African animals
  • Where to travel to see specific animals (unique dive sites in the world to see excellent fish)
  • Domesticate wild animals (crocodiles, monkeys)
  • Bugs / Keeping insects in the house

Recreation / LARP

It can be fantasy or recreate famous historical battles.

  • What equipment do you need?
  • How to make your costume?
  • Camping tips, make your campfire.
  • Historically correct cuisine
  • Rules of repetition

Disease or condition

Youtube Channel Ideas | Youtube Video Ideas For Beginners 2021


Health is a YMYL topic, so be careful.

Go to the experience side rather than the medical side.

  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • HSP
  • ADHD
  • Extremities
  • Blindness/hearing impairment / visual or hearing impairment

How to live with a disease, and how people respond to it.

A theme is good because it can resonate with the viewer.

Pick up

As a game collector, I can relate to the fashion of collecting.

People collect all kinds of things, from stamps to bags of sugar.

Postage stamps may be a bit outdated, but there are plenty of other things to collect.

YouTube Video Ideas List:

  • Collection method
  • How to get into a hobby / how much is the hobby fee?
  • How to collect economically;
  • Articles from a specific era (for example, 1960-1970);
  • How to detect counterfeits
  • How to determine the value
  • Exit indication of a specific item
  • History of the brand/item
  • Who are the experts in your field?
  • Conservation / Restoration
  • Museum
  • Just

Some niches:

  • Vinyl / DVD / CD / VHS collection
  • Pokémon (card)
  • Baseball cards
  • Magic the Gathering Cards / Statues
  • Amiibos
  • Movies and movie memorabilia
  • Car collection
  • Teddy bear/doll
  • Collection of branded products (for example, Coca-Cola brand marketing outlets)
  • Computer
  • Maque

Best topic for YouTube channel

Personal history

To get the attention of your videos on YouTube, you need to create a unique channel. This means creating unique video content. Share your personal story to tell the world what makes your YouTube channel different.

Personal stories help viewers empathize with me and give me a glimpse of my life. You will naturally want to know more if you have a fascinating story.

Create fun channel trailers that introduce viewers to the content you want to include on your channel.

Product review

Depending on your interests, you can do product reviews within your niche. This will give you lots of video ideas and a chance to discuss the products that interest you. These video ideas it’s all about

introducing new releases to your channel and sharing your reviews. Make other people’s reviews stand out with engaging comments and meticulous editing.

Your chosen product is up to you, but if it fits into your area of expertise, you can make a very informative video about it.

Tech reviews are the YouTube video ideas that are all the rage right now, and sharing new perspectives on new hardware can make your videos garner a lot of attention.

Comedy sketch video

Making people laugh is a surefire way to increase your subscribers. But that is not as easy as it seems.

Comedy is subjective, so having one person sew the floor may not make others smile.

Use your strengths to create sketches that you can do with confidence. Be yourself and let your sense of humor shine. There may be many kind souls who like your YouTube video ideas.


An exciting list always grabs the YouTube browser’s attention, and if it is presented well, viewers are likelier to stick with it.

These YouTube video ideas often consist of a top 5, top 10, or top 50 list related to the topics.

YouTube users love the most. Please provide a detailed explanation of why you ordered the ad in a specific way.

How to make a video list?

Pick a topic you are comfortable discussing and share your passion and opinion with the world.


The often-derided video format of unboxing continues to gain immense popularity among YouTube viewers and influencers.

Unpacking videos are a favorite with kids looking to see the latest toys, but they are also very popular with other age groups. Channels like Ryan Toys Review are aimed at younger viewers, while channels like Unbox Therapy are aimed at mature viewers.

When entering the realm of unboxing, choose a niche that you know well, and no matter how well your video is presented, your audience must be interested in your product in the first place.


Tutorials are one of the most common YouTube video ideas. If you can give someone the knowledge to help them accomplish something or complete a task, they will be very interested in watching your videos.

Tutorial videos can revolve around almost any topic. Popular tutorial types include makeup tutorials, game tutorials, cooking tutorials, language tutorials, and skills tutorials.

Let your viewers know how you can use the skills you teach. For example, if you are giving a makeup tutorial, highlight how and where you can wear that style.

Vlog ideas



A video blog allows YouTubers to talk about their lives and what interests them most. It may be one of the most brutal YouTube video ideas to get started with, but it’s worth it if you manage it.

A video blog must be engaging and up-to-date since the content is paramount.

Even famous video bloggers like Casey Neistat have started from the bottom up, so don’t put off the challenges that lie ahead.


There have been several challenge videos in recent years. From the Ice Bucket Challenge to the Cinnamon Challenge, these videos can sometimes grab audiences’ attention on an unprecedented scale.

Create your challenge video and add a twist. Challenge yourself with costumes or unique locations to get more attention.

Challenge videos often go wrong and are the most popular, but they don’t intentionally hamper your efforts. Fake flops aren’t as fun as real ones.


The prank has been one of the most successful YouTube video ideas for years. Many famous YouTubers like Roman Atwood and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy have focused all their channels on making outrageous pranks.

Some of these jokes are large-scale and unrealistic for beginners, but little jokes can be just as fun.

The easiest targets are friends and family. Because if you find out you’ve been joking, you’re more likely to forgive.


Find and parody celebrities, politicians, movies, or songs that people are familiar with. If the subject is well known, it will be sunny with the public.

Plan the scenarios in which you want to act and bring friends to help you. Before you begin, knowing what you want to film is essential.

Keep your skit short. If your video is too long, viewers unfamiliar with your channel may delay viewing.


Keep an eye out for news in your area and find people you can interview for your next video.

The interviewee does not have to be famous. If you have an exciting story, viewers will want to hear it.

Video content would be much more engaging if it could show the human side of a story that everyone can relate to.

Answer video

YouTube once had a dedicated video reply feature, but it disappeared due to low usage. But that doesn’t mean answer videos can’t pay you.

When replying to popular YouTube videos, including the exact title of that video in your caption. This makes it clear to anyone looking for his video that both are involved.

Responsive video lets you get new traffic from the most popular video viewers.


Youtube Channel Ideas | Youtube Video Ideas For Beginners 2021


A tour of a room or a house is often a type of YouTube video popular with viewers. Tours can give you perspective on your personal life and show you what you are passionate about.

Walkthroughs are one of the most straightforward YouTube video ideas to implement. All you need to get started is your camera and location.

Suppose you are staying in a room or home and display items such as furniture, technology, and collectibles. For a more extensive tour, recommend some exciting places not many know about.

Lapse of time

Time lapses can reveal new details about scenes that would go unnoticed in the standard video.

Many cameras have settings that allow you to record time lapses very efficiently. However, to record time lapses manually, you must carefully consider short duration and photo interval factors.

Install your camera in an exciting area with a lot of activity. If you spot something interesting, your viewers may want to see it.

Questions and answers

Making a question-and-answer video is not your first YouTube video. Still, it can be a very effective YouTube video idea that you can present after generating interest in your channel.

At the end of the video above, ask your viewers a question and choose your favorite video. You can also post to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter or send a bulk text message to your contact list for more questions.

The questions and answers can cover a variety of topics. Based on the videos you uploaded, you can answer questions or answer questions about your personal life.


YouTube spiel is not something you need to think about a lot. If you are angry enough, you can quickly yell at issue.

If you are unsure about working with improvisations, write individual scripts. After all, making sure your abusive language makes sense is essential.

Make your videos funny by including a few jokes in your spiel. This will help keep viewers interested and increase your chances of lining up for the following spiel.

Animal videos

Videos of animals doing funny or unusual things make up a large proportion of viral content on YouTube.

Your pet could be a good candidate for such a video. Start recording jams and see if your channel does something they recommend (Daewoo always helps cheer them on).

If your animal videos become famous, you can get a YouTube star. We hope your pet is happy to be in the spotlight!


Please share your knowledge of the subject with our educational YouTube videos. Educational videos are for all topics, but make sure they are relevant to the audience you want to reach. As more and more educators take advantage of educational technology, using YouTube has become a great way to do it.

Provide a fun way for your viewers to learn. You can request to submit suggestions in the comment section on the topics you want to focus on.

Use vivid infographics and images to detail the highlights in each video. Pictures have been shown to make learning more accessible and enjoyable.

Draw my life

The Draw my life video features YouTube users presenting a simplified version of their life story in a drawing format.

The video should show you drawing an image on a blank page, but it moves quickly. It can reveal new information about you that your subscribers don’t know about.

Check out the Draw My Life channel for information on this category of YouTube video ideas. A video of many people painting my life has garnered millions of views.

Something to do

YouTubers are probably looking for something new to do when they get bored. If you can provide interesting ideas on your channel, it will pique their curiosity.

You can create a title specifically descriptive for the people watching your video, such as “Ten things to do when you are bored.”

Homework videos can also give people an idea of what to do on a specific occasion or holiday. For example, you can make a video about things to do in Rome.

Nice video

Cute videos are one of the clearest YouTube video ideas and will always be popular with a diverse audience.

Capture your little brother or pet doing lovely work and post it on YouTube for subscribers to see.

Videos with cute kids or pets have the power to make us laugh instantly and can become a Kickstarter for your YouTube channel.


Life can be difficult sometimes, so anything that can help make it a little easier will thank the audience.

Videos with various life hacks are viral on YouTube and have millions of views.

You may have life cores that you have used for years but never shared. Now is the time to share!

Behind the scenes

Show your subscribers how to prepare and shoot a video with a behind-the-scenes story.

Highlight all the processes involved in creating high-quality content and provide tips on how you can create your videos.

Include bloopers and discarded shots of your latest videos to make your subscribers laugh.

Daily work

Make everyday videos and let people know what excites you. Your daily routine can cover your eating habits, schedule, exercise routine, and more.

They give people who watch your videos a little more information about who you are and your personality.

Share the things you do daily that you think to improve your quality of life and show your viewers how you can benefit.

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