Understanding motorcycle insurance and how it can save you money

Tens of thousands of people each year are involved in motorcyclist accidents, and there are an estimated 400 million motorcycles worldwide. Even if you’ve had nothing to do with a motorcycle since taking your driver’s test, there is no doubt that you are still aware of the increased risk of injury on two wheels. Anyone with the freedom to do so should really be taking advantage of some level of motorcycle insurance coverage.

Understanding motorcycle insurance

What is motorcycle insurance?

This type of insurance is another form of car insurance that protects against legal claims from accidents. It’s much more inexpensive than the typical automobile insurance coverage for cars and much less prevalent in some states. In addition, you can use this type of insurance to represent passengers who are fleeing in your motorcycle when you were operating the vehicle.

Types of motorcycle insurance

There are three main types of motorcycle insurance: non-ownership coverage, limited coverage, and full coverage. The first type is the most common and the least costly. It does not cover the cost of your bike, only your liability to other people if you are involved in an accident. This insurance also does not pay for any damages that you cause to someone else’s vehicle or property.

How do I get motorcycle insurance?

Auto insurance is not required for owning a motorcycle and this allows people who own their motorcycles to save a lot of money. Without auto insurance, you can avoid paying all those expensive fees and taxes that car owners pay.

Implications of not having coverage

If your motorcycle is stolen, you are unable to use it, or any damage that the bike sustains forces it out of commission long term, you will have to replace it. This costs additional money. If you have coverage though, the company will assume part of or most of this financial burden.

How can I save money on motorcycle insurance?

To save money on motorcycle insurance, be sure to have a low payout. Hitting a car might result in a high payout because of the likelihood for bodily injury or property damage.

Motorcycle insurance basics for beginners

For a lot of people, motorcycle insurance is a tricky subject. Motorcycle claims stats show that motorcyclists are subject to a higher risk of accidents and injuries than their car-driving relatives. Moreover, motorcycle theft rates are staggering. This means that lots of people may not even have an option for motorcycle insurance in the first place. However, with the right plan in place, this can be mitigated to some degree.

Top ways to save on motorcycle insurance

Having a low insurance premium clearly beats these out, but there are other ways to decrease the cost of motorcycle insurance. Ask your insurer if you can pay in full up front for your policy instead of paying monthly installments. Additionally, call different insurers and compare rates before making a purchase.

What size bike should I insure?

Whether you ride a cruiser, sport bike, dirt bike or another type of motorcycle, the guidelines for determining how much motorcycle insurance to purchase are unpredictable. Your insurance company may not be in alignment with our blog when it comes time to set your rates based on the value of the bike. After you’ve completed this small quiz, you might find that carrying less coverage is something to consider since you’re low-risk

How long does motorcycle insurance last?

The reason for this is that most states require a person to be insured on their bike for a certain amount of time. If the driver has liability and injury insurance and had his license suspended or revoked, those years would also not be counted as 3 years.

The different types of motorcycle insurance rates

There are a variety of motorcycle insurance rates that will suit your needs. On average, a motorcycle is much cheaper to insure than a sedan or a truck due to the complex features and small size. Each company may offer coverage for your bike if you have damaged it through no fault of your own.


I hope this guide has been helpful and provided some insight into motorcycle insurance. The cost of a motorcycle goes far beyond the sticker price, including the cost of accessories, gas, and other expenses. If you’re uncertain about how much coverage is needed, don’t forget that each insurer will have their own policy requirements. For more information on finding an insurance quote for your motorcycle, visit our website.

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