Top 22 Best Money Earning Apps in India | Successful Earning Apps

If you want to know Best Money Earning Apps in India for making money online. Here I am going to tell you 22 Best Money Earning Apps.

Apps today can help you earn a side income. We’ve assembled 22 of the Best Money-Making Apps just about anybody can use to earn some cash.

Top Money Making Apps:

Yes, there are 22 money-earning apps on this list, but not all of them will be a good fit.

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Top 22 Best Money Earning Apps in India | Successful Earning Apps
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The RozDhan app is a video sharing platform. The application allows you to share videos. Videos can be shared with anyone in your contacts, including friends and family. The availability of the application in all languages, including regional variants, makes it compatible for complete data for customers of all ages. This app gives you INR 25-50 prize for successful registration. Referral to your contacts also allows you to earn money. So by sharing videos or referrals and even downloads, the app is made for you if you like videos. Go ahead and show your love for the video and win every step.


The app is a video sharing app that rewards you INR 50 upon signing up and INR 7 on your Pay TM wallet. You can log into this application through Google or any other social network account. You can share 4Fun videos with your contacts i.e. friends and other accounts. The app gives you coins that can then be converted to cash. The referral also allows you to earn. Referrals and exchange earn you INR 6 per system.


Meesho brings a new sheet to the retail business book. Founded in 2015 by IITians, the app was one of the first in India to receive money from Facebook. The app is primarily a reseller app. As a registered user, you can buy the product from a full seller and sell it to the customer after adding margin. Misho has empowered many housewives and others who want to earn money from the comfort of their homes.

Google Opinion rewards

Top 22 Best Money Earning Apps in India

Google Opinion Rewards is an application designed to award survey awards. As the name suggests, the app is intended for Android users only. Google surveys general topics. Subjects are random and are usually selected out of public opinion. All you have to do is choose and share your opinion. Google rewards you for your contribution to the questionnaire. Although the money received from the survey is not in physical form, the money is transferred to your Google Play credit. You can redeem the credits on the Play Store and buy paid apps for free. The whole process seems very simple and beneficial. So go ahead and participate, win while you give your opinion on various topics.

U speak we pay

Top 22 Best Money Earning Apps in India

This app that’s earn you speaking sounds like a fantasy but it is true. This app named Speak You Speak We Pay gives you money to speak. After downloading the app you will receive the text and you will have to record your voice for the same words. It is available in many languages so that you can choose your preferred language. Your earnings will be based on successful completion of work. When you reach INR 25, you do not receive physical cash, yet the money is transferred to your Pay Tm account. Apart from this, you can also earn by referring others. The app is one of the simple money making app.


This app is specially designed for the female fraternity, Sheroes app is deals with empowering the woman and earn cash from home. This app have business ideas and gives the opportunities to work from home. The app has hugely benefitted the world of the homemaker. It has enabled the ladies as self-reliant in terms of earning. The best thing about the app is that it gives you the opportunity to a woman even without a professional degree. With the help of this Sherose earning app you can explore the more opportunities of earning with minimum educational background and without work experience.

Earn karo

Earn Karo app is touted as the social cashback app, its actually based on the sharing the deals with friends and family. This app helps you to earn passive money when you share the deals with your loved ones. Thus everyone is a winner. The different e-commerce websites feature deals on the app. The app is also used by various influencers who market their links to the followers. The biggest take from this app is that it provides real cash.


Honestly, this is the simplest basis for making money online in India. Unlock your phone, earn money. Is so easy! Apparently, there is a maximum profit limit per day. You can also choose a lock screen according to your preferences. Cash can be redeemed in the form of Paytm or Mobikwik balance. Slide is available on Android.


Top 22 Best Money Earning Apps in India

In this app, you earn cash rewards for doing simple tasks. Usually you will have to download suggested apps, watch promotional ads, and refer others to earn big bucks. The referral system in particular provides quick and easy money. You can chain referrals together to get bigger bonuses. Through this system, you can earn approximately ₹ 70 in just one day through referrals! TaskBucks is on Android.

Pocket Money

You may not earn much from this app, but the flow is constant. Here the common base of money for simple tasks prevails. You can also play and win Pocket Money, such as tombola and raffle. The money is credited as payment balance.


This application depends on luck factor to make money in India. It follows a raffle system that can get you anywhere from ₹ 10 to thousands in prizes. You get a limited number of attempts every day, so count them! You also get access to special offers and promotions from time to time, so the app rewards regular usage. Skrilo is currently available on Android.


This is another app that has become prominent in the Paytm cash niche. Through Databuddy, you can earn rewards for sharing images and downloading specific applications. Databuddy Wallet acts as an intermediary between the interface and your Paytm wallet. You can also transfer money into your PayPal balance here!


The Squadrun prioritizes productivity to make you earn money. In this app, run “Errands” for e-commerce platforms like Ola and Amazon. You can withdraw your winnings to your Paytm account and access more and more missions every day. Currently available on Android.


This is another application that rewards you with cash for the application downloads you make. It is quite simple to install and earn money, the application provides an intuitive experience and interface for users. Use Paytm exclusively to withdraw cash. The application is available on Android.


This is an application that makes it easy for you to earn money. Here, you earn money for referral bonuses, as well as for browsing articles and blog posts. The application is available on the Play Store.


Let the game begin! Loco takes the foundation of making money online and adds a competitive spin to it. You earn money based on the number of quiz questions you get correctly like the icing on cake here is the app also has provisions for different use of languages like Bengali and Marathi it have been fully implemented. However, there are some drawbacks. The tests are timed.


This application is very productive and helps you earn money quickly. The UserFeel cruise helps website owners assess their site’s robustness in terms of UI / UX. Payment is primarily made through PayPal and you get $ 10 for each site you successfully review. Naturally, the surveys are complete, so you have to put in the effort! UserFeel is mainly available on the Google Play Store. And there are only finite attempts per day to stop exploitation. Crazy is available on the App and Play Store.


This app pays you to play games, take surveys, install apps, and watch bit coin ads. You can convert bit coins to cash using WazirX and Coin base abroad in India. To recover the rewards of this exciting application in the newly minted coffins of the bit coin world.


This app requires you to fill out a quiz and play the game, which rewards you with coupons from Amazon, PayPal, and Swagbucks. By not giving you money directly, they give you a direct route where you would have spent money in any situation.


Possibly this is the most popular easy money making platform, it requires you to complete tasks and win prizes. You can watch videos, play games, and view websites to earn Amazon gift vouchers. The luminous glow of the benefits platform can keep you in love for hours at a time, as well as offering you a great deal of money.


This app helps you earn money using your screen locker, swiping left to claim the offer. It is made to watch a video or download an application to claim your cash through Google Rewards Card or PayPal. Another platform for companies to test their products and get some extra money in their pocket.


If social media is a big time for you, consider using Flipd to block time-wasting websites. We are often too distracted by social media, it is a good idea to use a blocker like this which can allow efficient use of time.

FINAL THOUGHT (Conclusion)

There are so many of ways to make money online. Using the said apps to help you do, so it can be a smart idea. After all, many of the options on our list are free and you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money to get them. Go ahead, give some of them a chance, and hopefully you will earn a little income in less time. Please give your comments in the comment box given below..

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