Smart work opportunities gained from working from home due to COVID-19

Google has announced that it will extend telecommuting until the summer of 2021. Since its inception, Google has been a company that has emphasized casual and natural face-to-face exchanges between employees. Smart work opportunities gained from working from home due to COVID-19 Compared to Facebook and Twitter, which declared that permanent home is possible, Google was conservative in working from home among big tech. That Google’s announcement like this means that the standard of work life will change in the future.

Smart work opportunities gained from working from home due to COVID-19

Every crisis is an opportunity. There are certainly people who take advantage of the telecommuting trend triggered by the corona as an opportunity. People who can work remotely and achieve good results and create human relationships in the workplace even non-face-to-face will emerge as the emerging powerhouse in the corona era. If so, what should be done specifically?

First, make short reports often.

The biggest feature of remote work is that my boss or colleagues don’t know what I’m doing. How to get away from your mind when you get away from your eyes The longer you spend silently working without reporting, the more your boss will forget you, and you will ask later. ‘But isn’t that friend playing?’ The first factor in surviving telecommuting is the ability to stand out, or Visibility. If the issue is reported once every two weeks, make an interim update via e-mail once a week and a face-to-face update every two weeks via video conference. Emails that were just sent in the past should now be sent with cc of your boss. If you have any questions, ask your boss and colleagues in the corporate messenger chat room. You need to instill the perception that the mind is always connected even if the body is separated.

Second, turn on the camera and keep the screen professional.

Nowadays, video conferencing with Zoom or Google Hangout has become commonplace. One of your square screens in the meeting. Now that little square is your face, your brand and your business card. Turn on the camera and show your face. Nobody wants to talk to the black screen. You don’t have to look as much as you actually go to work, but you do need to be neat. Let’s wear clothes that are not embarrassing to others and clean up our hair before entering. It’s also cute for kids or pets to interfere with video conferencing the first few times, but if it repeats for a few weeks, it’s just no manners. Keep in mind that the longer you work from home, the more you look online to determine your impressions.

Third, promote team activities available online.

In the post-corona world, managers are always wondering how to maintain teamwork. Before Corona, I managed the atmosphere of the team by going to workshops once a year and having regular dinners, but now I’m not sure what to do. There is only one way anyway. You have to do something online, even though it’s less effective than doing it face to face. If you use online collaboration tools such as non-canvas and Google Jam Board, you can create the feeling of going to a workshop and putting a white board in a large room and sticking a post-it. You can hold a quiz contest through screen sharing and chat features in the video conferencing software, or you can have fun events through a web game similar to Catch Mind, such as While everyone is getting tired of working from home, if you step out and promote these team activities, you will surely establish yourself as a sensible team player who quickly adapted to the era of remote work.

Whether working at the office or working from home, the essence of work life is the same. Properly sharing the situation with your boss, always maintaining a professional attitude, and putting an emphasis on teamwork are the basic postures of a good office worker. There are many organizations that are confused by the new work environment caused by Corona. At times like this, the person who is faithful to the basics shines more. With just a few techniques for visibility, working from home could be a new opportunity for you.

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