Simple Tips to Get Google AdSense Fast

I often hear people say that they are having difficulty passing the AdSense (Google AdSense) review. Recently, the criteria for examination have become stricter, and it seems difficult to pass unless proper measures are taken. This time, I will explain the points of the the Google AdSense examination.

Google AdSense is the simplest way to monetize your website by making money and creating valuable content for your audience. This huge online ad makes Google nearly $13.5 billion because everyone is using search engines for business, service, and product research.

Simple Tips to Get Google AdSense Fast

  • Creating an information page: information, contact, FAQ and privacy
  • User Experience Enhancement
  • Creating high-quality content
  • To you

But here is the problem. Your request must be approved by Google before launching an advertising campaign on your website. It’s a confusing process, especially for webmasters who have no previous experience with Google AdSense. That’s why it is recommended to follow a proven mechanism to get the desired approval within 48 hours.

Create an information page: information, contact, FAQ and privacy policy

Simple Tips to Get Google AdSense Fast

When you sign up for AdSense, Google basically checks the authenticity of your website in general. In such a situation, you need to prove your professional authority by creating an accurate and up-to-date page about your business.

For example, if you are reading to find out the best reviews, you will pay attention to details such as address, phone number, reviews, etc. if you get an assigned help service. The same logic can be applied to Google’s approval process, which analyzes the next page.

  1. Introduction: Here you need to describe who you are and what you are doing.
  2. More detailed consultation: It’s like a company business card as you need to clarify where you’re from and add details like real address, email, phone, social media account, etc.
  3. Privacy: Many users these days are concerned about online security. This is why you need to add a privacy page to your website and outline a policy that protects your visitors’ personal data.

User Experience Enhancement

Did you know that one bad experience on your website makes users? 88% reduction Would you like to visit the website again? This is another credibility factor that Google wants to rate before giving permission to post ads on a website.

The issues of user experience are so diverse and broad that it is almost impossible to mention all the relevant elements, but in that regard, three features play an important role. Let’s take a look.

  1. Attractive Design: No one likes to visit a website that doesn’t look good, so it’s a good idea to design a beautiful site for your business.
  2. Page load speed: Web pages that take more than one to two seconds to load are often considered malfunctioning, so you need to speed up the page load. Google’s Page Speed Insights can help, and we hope you take advantage of this tool as soon as possible.
  3. Website Navigation: Another thing that regular visitors want is that they can find a specific web page in seconds. You need to simplify navigation and allow users to find any part of your content with just one or two clicks.

High quality content creation

Technical improvements so far can only be gained in an attempt to get AdSense approval. But what can make or break your dream of launch is the content you post. AdSense on your website.

But how do you create high-quality content? It depends on the field of work and content creation style, but most webmasters follow this pattern:

  1. Research your niche and come up with topics that are interesting to your target audience. The following tools headline analyzer will help you refine your titles.
  2. Do keyword research to increase your ranking.
  3. Write long posts with lots of clever insights, stats and support reports.
  4. It creates eye-pleasing structures to increase readability.
  5. Add images and/or videos to enrich your post.

What should be mentioned here is that Google appreciates content-heavy websites. If you’re just launching your site, you’ll have to wait until you’ve posted at least 15 or 20 posts before asking for AdSense approval.

Some Additional tips to Get AdSense for Blogger

First of all, you need to create a searchable page that Google can easily find and index. Second, the content must be informative enough so that Google can understand the purpose of the page. Third, you need to pay attention to the overall website functionality to improve the user experience

In addition to these tips

  1. Post great content and don’t fool your visitors
  2. Do not participate in the link plan
  3. Avoid keyword stuffing as it hurts your ranking and reputation.
  4. Don’t abuse structured data markup.
  5. Don’t steal other people’s content or post posts with little or no original content

Make sure you are not on the restricted list

Some websites simply can’t get Google’s AdSense approval quickly because they’re included on the notorious restriction list. It is a list of Google publisher restrictions that prevent certain types of websites from displaying ads. You should definitely read the whole thing, but you can check out some of the main issues here.

  1. Google AdSense is banned for sites containing sexual content.
  2. The same goes for websites promoting shocking content, explosives, cigarettes, drugs, gambling, and alcohol.
  3. Google AdSense cannot be launched if the site promotes unapproved drugs and supplements.

To you

Google AdSense is a popular website monetization method, but you must meet the eligibility criteria to start an advertising campaign. The tips discussed above have proven to be successful on almost every website, so it’s now up to you to follow the steps and get quick approval from Google. If your website already has a fair amount of traffic, try the advanced features. AdSense alternative.

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