Sachin Atulkar- Wife, Age, Family Biography

Sachin Atulkar Biography

Sachin Atulkar Biography: Sachin Atulkar is an Indian IPS officer currently serving in the Madhya Pradesh cadre. Many IPS officers in India look brilliant in appearance. Sachin Atulkar is also one of those officers.

If you also want to know about this brilliant IPS officer of India, you must read this article until the end to get complete information about Sachin Atulkar.

Sachin Atulkar

Who is Sachin Atulkar?

Sachin Atulkar is one of the youngest IPS officers in India. He is such an IPS officer who has passed the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission in India at the young age of only 22 years and has become an IPS officer at this very young age. Some general information about Sachin Atulkar is as follows:

  • Full Name: Sachin Atulkar
  • Profession: IPS Officer
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of Birth: Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
  • Graduate studies
  • Hobby: Yoga, Walkout, Cricket
  • Father’s Name: Information Not Available
  • Salary: 78,800 as per 7th Pay Commission

Education And Career of Sachin Atulkar

Sachin Atulkar’s early education took place in his native residence, he chose a commerce subject in XI, and he obtained his bachelor’s degree from B.Com while taking his graduation.

But Sachin used to pay attention to his fitness from the beginning, and due to this, he thought of giving a big exam like UPSC, and he prepared for UPSC fiercely, and in 2007 he gave the UPSC exam, and in his first attempt, he got 258th rank in UPSC exam. After achieving success, he got the post of an IPS officer.

Sachin Atulkar ips rank

IPS of 2007 batch: He secured 258th rank in Civil Services Examination 2007 conducted by Union Public Service Commission. At that time, he had become an IPS only at 23. He had achieved this position at a young age, for which people spent 4-5 years.

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The early life of Sachin Atulkar

Sachin was born in 1985 on 8 August in Bhopal city of Madhya Pradesh state of India. Sachin is more famous in India because he passed the IPS exam only at the young age of 22.

This is considered a challenging exam in India, and after passing the exam, he became an IPS officer at 22.

Apart from this, Atulkar is also very popular for his fit body because he has an attractive body that attracts everyone.

Gym Sachin Atulkar

Many such police officers in the country remain in the limelight due to their work. IPS Sachin Atulkar (IPS Sachin atulkar) is very much discussed because he has been made the ACP of Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Earlier, he became the youngest DIG.

Sachin Atulkar is a well-known name in the police department. He is known for his work and fitness. His fan following is also tremendous.

Even good bodybuilders have failed in front of their fitness. He is also known as the most handsome police officer. The secret of his fitness is his diet and workout. He gyms for 1-2 hours daily.

Sachin Atulkar exercises 5-6 days a week, which includes all the body parts. Apart from this, he also does yoga and meditation, which helps keep his mind calm.

He starts the first day of the week with chest and triceps (chest and back arm) exercises, which include 7-8 activities. On the second day, they do back and biceps exercises, lifting heavy weights.

On the third day, they do leg exercises or cardio (treadmill, cycling, etc.). On the fourth day, they do shoulder (shoulder) exercises and also include abs (abdominal) exercises. On the fifth day, they focus more on the weak part of the body and exercise it.

On the sixth day, they either do leg exercises or slow cardio. They rest on the seventh day, i.e., Sunday so that the body can recover. According to the time, they keep changing their workout plan.

Sachin Atulkar Instagram

Sachin Atulkar posting

IPS officer Sachin Atulkar (IPS Sachin Atulkar), who is in the headlines for his fitness, has been made DIG of Gwalior. An order dated 29 September has been issued by the Home Department. According to the order, Sachin Kumar Atulkar, a 2007 batch Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, has been posted as Assistant Inspector General of Police, Gwalior Zone, and has also been given the ongoing charge of DIG, Gwalior Range, Gwalior.

Please tell that Sachin Atulkar is an IPS officer of the 2007 batch; before that, he was posted in the 7th battalion of SAF. Sachin Atulkar has also been published as SP Ujjain. IPS Sachin Atulkar became one of the youngest candidates to qualify for the Civil Services Examination at 23. Those who are now known for their fitness exercise by giving regular time to their fitness even in busy schedules.

Sachin Atulkar wedding

Sachin Atulkar is not married yet, and when asked by the media reporter about getting married, he said that he has no idea about marriage but has a girlfriend named Neelam Singh. Sachin often dates her, and according to sources, he wants to make Neelam Singh his life partner.

Interesting facts about Sachin Atulkar’s life

We often see in films that Salman Khan plays the role of a policeman, and his fitness is set based on the policeman, but in real life, such police officers are rarely seen, but Sachin Atulkar is an example.

An IPS officer has to perform many responsibilities, due to which his daily life remains busy. Still, Sachin Atulkar also performs his duties as he does gym for his body’s fitness. Everyday routine has been maintained. Sachin Atulkar himself not only stays fit but also inspires others to do the same.

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