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OnePlus Watch, Watch RX and OnePlus Band

OnePlus Watch, Watch RX and OnePlus Band details revealed: Here’s what we know

OnePlus Watch, Watch RX and OnePlus Band

Details related to OnePlus Watch, OnePlus Watch RX and OnePlus Band have been leaked on the new OnePlus Fitness app, according to a tipster’s post on Twitter. The OnePlus Watch and OnePlus bands were rumored in the past and the latest leaks suggest the existence of the OnePlus Watch RX.

 the company and the brand of OnePlus CEO Pete Lau was previously confirmed that the brand plans to launch a smartwatch in the first half of 2021. Now there is some new information regarding the device and it seems that OnePlus has plans for more than one device. According to a new leak, there will be two different smartwatches: OnePlus Watch and OnePlus Watch RX. OnePlus Band will also be on the list of wearable devices. According to tipster Nils Ahrens Meier’s post on Twitter, the information has been leaked through the new OnePlus Health app. Where the OnePlus Watch and the band were rumored in the past, the Watch RX is a new addition. Some reports claim that the OnePlus Watch series will be similar to the Oppo watches in terms of design. After viewing the APK file of the OnePlus Health app recently launched on Google Play, Ahrens Meier obtained details about the OnePlus Watch, Watch RX, and fitness band. and there screenshot are shows the all the latest and using  code of the new app which are suggests by link between the OnePlus Watch and the Oppo Watch. Based on the image they shared, the watch will have a rectangular dial, similar to the Oppo Watch. The latter is actually very similar to the Apple Watch. The tipster also showed some watch faces for the OnePlus Watch model, suggesting a dedicated dark theme. This can provide better power efficiency and signal in an AMOLED display on a smartwatch. we are posted all the details about this smart band  in a series of my article.

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