How to live a simple life and be happy

How to live a simple life and be happy

Do you know what makes you want to be happy?

How to live a simple life and be happy. The greed, pride, and other things in you keep happiness away. Why don’t you review yourself once by referring to the article introduced in “Elite Daily”?

  • A heart that cares about the eyes of others
  • Anger / resentment
  • Unconvinced body shape
  • Ideal 100% partner
  • I can only think of a perfect life
  • Obsession with money
  • The idea of being happy someday
  • Excuse
  • Feelings for ex-girlfriend
  • Weird commitment
  • Guzzling
  • Mental luggage
  • Complaints
  • Always push yourself through
  • Jealousy
  • Instability
  • Through people and things
  • Attachment to the past
  • Feelings I want to control
  • Excessive expectations

1. A heart that cares about the eyes of others

Don’t think and worry too much about the opinions of others. Whether you are happy or not is determined by your own heart, not by others. If you think you’re good, you can push towards it no matter who says what.

2. Anger / resentment

Is anyone angry with a misunderstanding about you? Or, if you have one, look for a way to actively reconcile. On the other hand, if you have someone who feels resentful, look for their good points. If you can’t do that, you should be with someone you can have a good time with.

3. Unconvinced body shape

If your body is fatter or thinner than you want, try to get closer to your ideal shape. The mind and body are connected. Thinking about health is almost the same as thinking about happiness.

But don’t be fooled by the opinions of others. Each person have a different and ideal body shape, so if you think “this is fine”, that’s OK. If your boyfriend or friend asks you, “Are you a little fat?”, Don’t worry.

4. Ideal 100% partner

The illusion you seek

Just as there is no perfect human being, there is no perfect partner. If you have some checklists, I recommend throwing them away now. That’s what keeps us from having a wonderful encounter.

5. I can only think of a perfect life

It’s up to you to have a good life or a bad life. Perhaps miserable results await those who are doing a lot of things properly. Every minute and every second is directly connected to the future.

6. Obsession with money

Too many people live with the idea that they will be millionaires. This is realistic for some people, but basically it can’t be achieved without working hard. Look for a job that is truly passionate, rather than making money the only motivation.

7. The idea of being happy someday

When you are happy, you will not come someday. Look around the world and move more and more actively to find something you can achieve. Thank you for your life and thank yourself. Thank you for every moment every day. Let’s live thinking that there will be no tomorrow. Do your best in any situation.

Happiness should be in your heart. Anyone who notices it can be happy from this moment. It’s not “searching”, it’s “noticing” that it’s there.

8. Excuse

I don’t have time to make excuses. I want to exercise, but don’t have time? Get up early and go to a nearby park or gym. An excuse is a convenient reason to cheat yourself when you don’t do what you want or do. If you want results, don’t make excuses and start right now.

9. Feelings for ex-girlfriend

Suppose you have your ex-girlfriend who broke up for some reason. If you think of that person at all, think only of what you have experienced or learned with that person. You shouldn’t be squeezed by your previous feelings. You won’t be happy with anyone else in the future.

10. Weird commitment

It is dangerous to assume that “I am like this”. It is natural that people’s thoughts are constantly changing. Why don’t you try to adopt a different way of thinking from time to time without making a definite decision? If you don’t conclude that this is the case, you will have more opportunities to learn new things.

11. Guzzling

I’ll do it tomorrow anyway, so don’t stop and think. Live well now and do what you need to do. You have to use your time to get the most out of your abilities. Finish each job as quickly as possible. Getting things done as soon as possible reduces your worries and stress. It also gives you more time to enjoy what you like.

12. Mental luggage

Holding too much

Everyone should have been hurt by someone they loved or thought they loved. Bringing negative emotions into the future can have disastrous consequences. It is unfair to look at future partners based on their former lover, as no one is the same. Make an effort to create a new relationship without prejudice.

13. Complaints

How many negative thoughts did you have today? What you did will come back to you, so change your mind now.

What do you think if the cup is half full of water? It’s obvious that it’s better to think “half full” instead of “half empty”. Life is wonderful if you can appreciate each and every thing that happens in your daily life. If you are always positive, there is nothing you can’t do.

14. Always push yourself through

If you make a mistake, apologize honestly and correct it immediately. To change your mind is to learn new things. Sometimes you need to be stubborn because of your commitment and pride. However, that alone will not bring happiness forever.

15. Jealousy

Happiness is not about getting what you want, but about loving what you have. Stop envious of others and thank yourself. You may be able to do things that others cannot do, but life is different for each person. When you are jealous, only negative emotions are born. You won’t get anything from this behavior.

16. Instability

Happy people do not neglect to accept themselves every day. We are confident and proud, and have a positive and cheerful atmosphere. If you have any concerns, you can jump out into the world and find a way to solve it. Only you can create the best self.

17. Through people and things

Trying to be happy

Your happiness is yours. Only you can think of your happiness 100%. Don’t depend on others. It is NG to depend on things such as homes, cars, and clothes.

I will say it again. Your happiness is only in your heart

18. Attachment to the past

Let’s stop looking back on the past. If you’re stuck with past mistakes, it’s a waste of time. Everyone makes mistakes. Take that as a lesson and move forward. If you keep looking back

you will not be able to live a good life in the true sense of the word. The most important thing is this moment.

19. Feelings I want to control

Sometimes you have to accept what happens in life. It doesn’t make sense to live with stress over what you can’t control. Relax, let yourself go and live like a river. We are willing to respond to the unknown future. Leave yourself to the unexpected endeavors and enjoy the excitement they bring.

20. Excessive expectations

It is no exaggeration to say that how you handle expectations affects your happiness. “If you don’t expect it, you won’t be disappointed.” Many people think, “If you treat them kindly, you will be treated kindly in return.” Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

I think it’s better not to ask for results in your actions. We recommend that you work with an honest heart. Then you should be able to immerse yourself in your true self without worrying about pressure.

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