How to get visitors to your blog

If you are a blogger who values communication with visitors, the more visitors you visit to your blog, the more rewarding and joy you will be. That’s why many bloggers struggle with the change in the number of visitors.

How to get visitors to your blog

The main and common point of all bloggers to who want get more visitors in their blog but they cannot increase their visitors to their website they think common questions their mind.

How to increase blog traffic fast

How to get readers to visit your blog

How to get your blog noticed by Google

How to drive traffic to your blog

Tricks to increase blog traffic

So this time, I want to talk about visitors.

  1. Visit through search results
  2. Blog visits from neighbors, subscriptions, and visits through feeds
  3. Visit through SNS sharing or other links

Since ‘Never Search Notified by Never’ deals with search-related content, we will focus on the visitors who visit the blog through the search results.

In order to increase the number of visitors blindly, various methods are used, and on the other hand, when there are too many visitors, there are rumors that search is penalized, and they are rather anxious. What is the truth?

Tips And Trick

Posts that intentionally drive search traffic

If there are many visitors through search results, it is likely that you are being exposed to the search results. And search impressions are closely related to the search volume (QC) of search terms entered by search users into the search box.

If there are many visitors through search, it means that they were exposed as search results for various search terms, or they were exposed to search results for a small number of search terms, but the search volume for that search term was high.

However, in reality, it takes a lot of content to be exposed as a result of various search terms, and a lot of time and effort is required to increase the amount of content. So, in order to increase blog visitors in a short time at a low cost, selecting only search-volume search terms and posting related posts is a representative example of inducing search traffic.

However, since related content is already being produced/consumed in various ways for search terms with consistently large search volumes, it is difficult to expect as many visitors as the search volume even if you post related posts. So suddenly the search volume has increased, and so-called ‘Issue Search Posts’ with relatively little competition for search exposure may seem like the most effective way to increase the number of visitors through search.

Sweet temptation, issue search word posting

Search results with a sudden increase in search volume often deviate from the current issue flow even if there is little or no existing content exposed in the search results, so if you quickly post it in the context of the current issue, it is inevitably more relevant than the existing content. By being exposed to the top, you can attract a lot of visitors to your blog.

Since the posting is not elaborate for a long time, there are many cases in which news articles or other sources of content are stolen, and postings that do not guarantee the quality of the content are a factor that degrades the satisfaction of search users.

Never  search ranking algorithm analyzes the search intent for each search term in real time to increase the satisfaction of search users and distinguishes which documents are highly relevant. In addition, by analyzing the search patterns of search users and the composition of the contents of the document, it comprehensively judges what documents.

The search user likes and the sources with many contents that the search user prefers, i.e., which is a trusted source, is displayed in the search results. Determine the order in which they are exposed.

Therefore, even if the number of visitors temporarily increases, if the visitor’s satisfaction is low, it will adversely affect the quality evaluation of the document and the credibility of the blog’s origin.

In particular, even though there is a specific topic and purpose of running a blog, it becomes difficult to be evaluated as a reliable source by visitors, and if it is evaluated as a fishing blog for promotion, the reliability of the blog gradually declines. You will gradually lag behind in search results.

Will wandering visitors really help promote your blog?

How to get visitors to your blog

If you are a public relations blog operated for commercial purposes, you will want to introduce products or services to a large number of people by attracting more visitors to your blog, so there are also cases of posting issue search words that can temporarily attract a large number of visitors.

Since the purpose of running a blog is very diverse and a blog is a space where there is freedom of expression, if it is illegal or a blog with content that does not contradict the sentiment of the search user, there is no special disadvantage or discrimination in Never search results. This is also true for promotional blogs operated for commercial purposes.

However, there are times when you feel that you are penalized or sanctioned in search results because you hate Never search for promotional blogs. As mentioned earlier, this is due to a ranking algorithm based on the satisfaction of search users, and the direct cause of the drop in the satisfaction of visitors coming through the search.

And no matter how many visitors visit the blog, content that does not take into account the purpose or intention of the visitor’s visit is not easy to achieve the intended purpose, and in some cases, it is counterproductive.

Shouldn’t you post wrong rumors or issues with search terms?

As explained in the previous section, it is definitely not a good idea to post low-quality content as an issue search term for the purpose of intentional search flow.

In addition, there are some people who erroneously claim to avoid posting keyword issues by seeing only the instantaneous increase in search inflow of issue search engine postings created for the purpose of some SEO (search engine optimization) tests and then decreasing afterwards.

If you understand what was explained above, it will be easy to see that the reason this occurs is because the quality of the post written in the issue search term is poor and the satisfaction of the search users who visited the blog was low.

For example, if a blogger after a drama enthusiast posts a delicious review of a drama that aired today, or if an avid fan blogger of a certain celebrity posts content that they only have in relation to the celebrity, the search term suddenly becomes an issue. Even if the number of visitors increases, the satisfaction level of visitors is high, so it will have a good effect on the search ranking.

Content theft can lead to legal issues.

In fact, it is not only the search rankings that posting issue search terms is a problem. Like the aforementioned pattern, in order to quickly post in response to an issue search word that suddenly appeared, there are often cases of fetching and stitching existing content such as news articles, which may cause legal disputes under copyright law.

  • The terms of use of the Never Blog stipulate the obligations of members as follows.
  • Article 11 (Obligations of “Members”)
  • Members” must not do the following actions.
  • Article 16 (management of “post”)
  • If the “post” of the “member” contains content that violates related laws such as the “Information and Communications Network Act” and “Copyright Act”, the right holder may request the suspension or deletion of the relevant “post” in accordance with the procedures set by the relevant laws. , The “company” must take measures in accordance with the relevant laws.
  • Even if there is no request from the right holder pursuant to the preceding paragraph, the “Company” may take temporary measures against the “Post” in accordance with the relevant laws if there is a reason for the infringement of rights to be acknowledged or if other company policies and related laws are violated.

The short conclusion: a blog where wandering visitors can become regulars

Just because a blog with a lot of visitors doesn’t mean it’s a good blog that visitors prefer. There are many ways to increase visitors instantly, but rather than blogs with low satisfaction of visitors, blogs with at least a higher level of visitor satisfaction will naturally be exposed to search results.

And for that to happen, it is important to consider the visitors that came through the search and post them according to the purpose of each blog operation.

It is difficult to predict which visitors will visit my blog through search, but having a relationship with someone unknown through such accidental encounters is one of the great fun and rewards of blog operation. A good relationship is continued through blog postings where visitors can be satisfied, and you can easily judge whether or not visitors will be profitable in Germany.

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