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How God did works and more miracles through you

You know God Always loved their children’s and the God did works and more miracle through you and all beloved children’s

Do you want God to use you to perform signs and wonders? If so, know that he wants something better. But it is possible not only with hopeful thoughts, but also with practical actions. This article provides six key keys to effective signs and wonders.

How God did works and more miracles through you

Jesus always responded to his beloved children: “Believe in God. I tell you the truth, whoever says to this mountain: “ you will be removed and thrown into the sea, and there will be no doubt in his heart. I believe that you give and pray for what you have received.


All believing Christians must do signs and wonders. However, very few Christians do this in different ways throughout their lives. This is because few people are ready to build for themselves that God will use. But if we overcome all obstacles and allow God to use us, the Lord will do signs and wonders with our hands.

In fact, some Christians have the gift of the Spirit to perform signs and wonders. But the degree to which God can use them is up to them. Therefore, his willingness to prepare will determine the number of signs and wonders he performs.

How God did works and more miracles through you

Signs and secrets of miracles.

  1. Great faith in the Word of God
  2. Fasting and prayer
  3. Separation from God
  4. Word of God
  5. A clear conscience
  6. Speak boldly

Great faith in the Word of God

Our trust in God: And his words determine the number of signs and knights that God can work with our hands. And it is pure faith in the Word of God. Therefore, if Almighty God has spoken, he will be with you. This is a faith that does not doubt the Word of God and believes it as it is written. This belief takes the floor as a last resort and considers it the end of the conversation.

Abraham had this belief. For example, when God promised Sarah that she would have a son, Abraham did not ask her any questions. Instead, he was convinced that the Lord who had promised her was beyond her capabilities.

Fasting and prayer

This is important to prepare you for the use of God. Because it is time to wait for God with fasting and seek Him in prayer. It also helps to keep the mind in mind and to become more spiritually sensitive to physical matters. Therefore, you often listen to what God is saying to you. Therefore, when you follow his instructions, God will work signs and wonders for you.

Furthermore, our Lord Jesus praised prayer and fasting when his disciples could not heal a child with epilepsy. And we know that Jesus Christ spent forty days and forty nights before he fully began his short work on earth. Therefore, if you want to perform signs and knights, prayer and fasting cannot be avoided.

Separation from God

Most of the time, you need to get away from distractions and be alone with God. This allows you to focus on God and His purpose. For example, Christ is busy, but always separated from God the Father by prayer. At one point, he even traveled with his apostles, away from other disciples and crowds.

How God did works and more miracles through you

Word of God

When you hear the word of God on a problem, your faith is strengthened and your doubts and doubts disappear. Therefore, trust that it will happen as the Lord said. And if obstacles are found in your way, we will not disturb you at all.

For example, when God told Abraham that he would have a son, Abraham responded. Furthermore, he was absolutely convinced that what he said would happen. And he believed in the truth of Abraham and by his faith God gave him Isaac.

But I advise you not to ask for words so as not to listen to the enemy. Choose God to speak to you in due time.

A clear conscience

Faith needs conscience to function. So if your conscience no longer matters, you won’t wonder if God will use you or not. And he will be eager to work with you when you work with the apostles. Therefore, have a good conscience of God or of man.

Speak boldly

This is another important secret of signs and wonders that work. Because the scriptures say that you can find what you say. And this proves that you believe in God and his Word. Therefore, proclaiming the Word of God above all else or proclaiming the Word of God more than anyone else with courage and faith will give signs and wonders.

I prayed to God for the courage for the students to share the Word. In doing so, God strengthened his words with signs and wonders.


The Lord’s desire is to show people his power through his children. However, use only prepared and available boats. Therefore, if God is working miracles and wonders for you, he must work according to the secrets given above.

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