Gab a social networking site popular among the far right Now

Gab, a social-networking site popular among the far right

Gab, a fast-growing social network popular among President Donald Trump supporters and white nationalist activists, has once again been rejected by its app on the Apple App Store.

Gab a social networking site

Gab claims that iPhone makers are rejecting apps based on political double standards that don’t apply to other social networks.

“Apple is asking Gab: to censor all disgruntled content. At the same time, it makes this key content present in a much larger amount across all major social channels,” said Andrew Torba, Gab CEO Inc. “Our app has a much higher level of surveillance than other social networking apps.”

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  6. For Torba Reason
  7. After Rejection of Apple

1overview is an American social media community site. created in August 2016 in the name of defending the freedom of self-expression by replacing Facebook and Twitter. The basic structure looks similar to general social media such as Twitter and Facebook, but this site is actually a safe haven for right-wing and far-right populists such as Yu-Kip, and prominent alternative right-wing people and supporters. It is considered as.[ It is one of the producers of hate speech against social minorities and all kinds of far-right fake news. The domestic media mainly report that it is

2Gab personals And Users

In December, Apple originally rejected Gab because it basically didn’t censor pornography on the service. Gab made the necessary changes and resubmitted the application, but Apple later rejected the company for various issues. Apple rejected Gab on the technical side, but on January 21st, Gab once again rejected Gab when it comes to content. The reason given this time was the “unpleasant content” found in Gab.

  • Milo Ianopoulos
  • Richard Spencer
  • Alex Jones (Wikipedia)
  • Paul joseph watson
  • Lauren Southern
  • Black Pigeon Speaks
  • Tilla Tequila (Wikipedia)
  • Anne Calder (Wikipedia)
  • Additional breeze.

3Political Personnel

Part of British Independence Party personne. This mix of functions and policies has made Gab a popular online hangout place for white nationalists and white supremacists. Many of them have been banned on Twitter for posting speeches that could be considered hateful or harsh. Its popularity allowed Gab to grow rapidly. Since its launch last year, it boasts 140,000 users. But as a result, it’s full of content that Apple says it won’t promote.


The site was also the convict of the 2018 Pittsburgh shootings that killed 16 Jews in Synagogue (Jewish Cathedral). Your app contains content that could be considered defamatory or despicable,” Apple’s App Store review team said in an email posted on Medium by Gab. We have found references: to religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, or other target groups that may be offensive to many users.

5See also

Based in Austin, Gab is a social network similar to Twitter. This allows users to share microblog posts with followers, which may contain photos, videos, or links to articles. But compared to Twitter, Gab is more tolerant of the types of content that users can post while sticking to the extreme version of the free press. At the same time, social networks provide users with the ability to easily filter out words, phrases or types of content that they will not meet in their feeds to avoid the problem of user abuse and harassment.

  • Hate speech
  • Infoworth
  • Populism
  • Racism
  • Radical masculinity
  • Anti-semitism
  • Islamopovia
  • Anti-feminism
  • The post-homosexual movement
  • Autism dark net

6For Torba Reson

For Torba, this reason is a double standard that doesn’t apply to other social networks that can actively use apps on iOS. “This obvious double standard for us is potentially politically motivated and clearly targeted,” Gab said. “If you actively search for something on a website you create, you can find what you are looking for.

To illustrate this point, Torba and his team posted screenshots of similar search terms on Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, and Twitter. Not only does Gab show results for these types of terms, especially on Instagram, the app suggests other similar nasty terms that users can search for.

7After Rejection Of Apple

“We certainly don’t tolerate this type of language.” What we’ve emphasized is that Apple did the Double Standard and extreme scrutiny while allowing the Big Social app to display the same or controversial content in its own app. Is to display.”

Gab said he plans to continue appealing to Apple for this decision. In addition, the company said it plans to release an Android app “in the next month or so”. Until then, users who want to access Gab will have to do it through a web browser.

The extreme scrutiny we’re getting has to do with the fact that our community is very pro-professional,” Torba said. Inc. “We think it wasn’t a mistake that it took 17 days to review the app and as Trump’s first full-day president it was rejected on January 21st

Explaining why, Apple included screen shots of a search for Gab for a variety of nasty terms like n-word. However, terms like the n word can be easily found on many other social networks

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