Avatar 2: is ready for launch –James Cameron Delay launch Date

Avatar 2: The first sequel is ready, and the second is almost finished, but in the 11 years since the creation of the largest sci-fi blockbuster, the universe has changed.

if “Avatar” by James Cameron was a popular song. The Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody was an epic combination that was enjoyable the first time around but was ultimately rejected by the cultural ubiquity. Or perhaps Astronaut at the Babylon Zoo, a surprisingly popular piece that hasn’t received the support needed to make its creators more than just a miracle in space.

Or we might have thought that Avatar Parts 2 and 3 were almost ready by this week when Cameron stepped off the web to present (to Arnold Schwarzenegger, no less). Avatar 2 is clearly done and dusty, while Avatar 3 is 95% finished.

We’ve heard this kind of activity several times over the past decade, following the second biggest box office hit of all time. Of course, this was a different era. Cinema viewers were still happy to see the movie in 3D and were willing to pay for it. It has also been noted that before the Grand Canyon-sized hole was chosen in the Avatar plot, its extraterrestrial setting was a veiled epic of a white savior and that Cameron borrowed much of the story from Ferngulli: The Last Rainforest. Have you danced with the wolf?

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Since its debut in 2009, Avatar has been plagued by hardships as it has become the future of Hollywood itself rather than a successful Hollywood film. Its gigantic scale and ambition meant that all other sci-fi films were judged by it and often failed. It inevitably made Cameron’s radical space adventure not as an adorable two-hour or more space knockout for the entertainment of children, but as an arrogant sci-fi attempt to answer all of humanity’s problems.

The filmmakers did not contribute to this, arguing that the film’s portrayal of human exploitation of Pandora’s natural resources was a powerful commentary on the planet’s impending ecological apocalypse. We can say that David Attenborough has no problem, except that he doesn’t hire a giant blue space elf chatting about his message and does his job a lot better.

On top of all this, the Avatar is yet to be seen. There is a strange but relatively new sci-fi concept. Even if the idea itself is a bit strange, it is the use of aliens that somehow can be populated and captured by humans. Cameron’s vision of the Pandora factory is like a fanatic hawk’s dream. Since Silent Run (1972), there hasn’t been a sci-fi movie with cool alien plants. And that’s before we start talking about the many strange six-legged beasts that interact either with the remote Naavi itself or via its USB-optimized tail. Stephen Lang’s Colonel Miles Quaritch is a great villain despite Cameron borrowing his Aliens in the decisive battle for Avatar exosuits.

The Canadian filmmaker has confirmed that the seemingly dead Quaritch will (somehow) return in a sequel in which Jake Sully of Sam Worthington and Neytiri Zoe Saldana travel to other parts of Pandora. Avatar 2 (currently slated for December 16, 2022) will focus on the aquatic realm, with Kate Winslet playing freediving from a new reef Naavi tribe called Metkine.

All this sounds interesting enough if a certain double turns out to be a cosmic interpretation of the Abyss and not the Water world in space. And it remains to be seen if Avatar’s 11-year absence will spark renewed enthusiasm for the sequel, or if all of that time means Cameron rather missed the ship.

Actors Avatar 2

Sam Worthington as Jake Sully, a former human who befriended Navi after falling in love with Neytiri and becoming a participant in the Avatar program, eventually takes a side in human conflict and leads them to victory. At the end of the first film, he, along with Moat, becomes the new leader of the Omatikai (the Navi tribe, which plays a central role in the story) and forever transfers his heart to his avatar.

Zoe Saldana – Neytiri, daughter of the former chieftain of the clan, the future clan of the Tsakhik, and friend of Jake Sally.

The CCH founder plays Moat, the spiritual leader of Omatikai and Neytiri’s mother.

Cliff Curtis plays Tonovari, chieftain of the Metkine reef tribe.

Jamie Flatters played the eldest son and eldest son of Neteyam, Jake, and Neytiri.

Briton Dalton, second son of Loak, Jake, and Neytiri.

Trinity Bliss plays Tuktiray (“Knock”), the eight-year-old daughter of Jake and Neytiri and their youngest child.

Bailey Bass plays Tsirea (“Rhea”), Metkine’s elegant and powerful freediver.

Philip Geljo plays Aonung, a young hunter and freediver from Metkayina.

Dwayne Evans Jr. plays Rothco, a young male hunter and diver from Metkine.

Kate Winslet – Ronal, freediver from Metkayina. [Winslet said that Ronal is “a key character in an ongoing story,” but “relatively small for lengthy shoots,” as all scenes are filmed in just a month. She is the first to work together to capture performance or movement. She, like most child actors, had to learn freediving for the film. (Sorce Wikipedia)

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