The Internet and computers are the two media of our century that have made the whole world a family, allowing us to communicate, talk and find information whenever we want.

At the same time, the Internet and computers are rare inventions of that era that made life easier for people around the world.

You also often ask this question and in the end, what do you think of the Internet, who owns it, and who invented it?

 What is the Internet?

The Internet is a network of many networks that connect computers around the world to each other and exchange networks between computers around the world. The Internet was discovered in 1969 by Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf.

The full form of the Internet is internetworking, which is called Antarjaal in Hindi, which means a network of networks to which many computers can be connected.

The Internet has become the greatest need today. Today we are used to relying almost exclusively on the Internet for many types of tasks.

Assuming you need some information

If you find it with a book, there will be many difficulties, you will also need to find a suitable book for this and you will spend more time.

However, if you search the Internet for the same information, you will immediately get the relevant information, which is also a waste of time.

Today in our country the number of people using the Internet and consuming data has increased significantly.

If you look at the data for the past five years, few people have used the Internet before.

These days, with WhatsApp, you can easily communicate with people from faraway countries through video calls that were possible on the Internet.

The Internet allows us to do all kinds of online work through our computers.

Full-Form of internet

The full form of the Internet is an "interconnected web".

It is a vast network of networks connected to virtually every type of data or database server in the world.

Our government databases, schools, and universities, and even mobile devices and computers are connected via the Internet.

This allows us to share and receive any information.

Internet history

The first steps were taken with the advent of the Internet in 1969. I first created it in ASPANET. And it was passed on to each other through this secret message.
At first, it connected the computers of five US universities. Since then, it has been connected to many countries around the world through 23 NODEs until 1972.
It was originally used as a private network for the transmission of confidential information.
But day by day it improved and later became available to everyone. And today it has become the largest enterprise.


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