15 Tips to Increase Your YouTube Subscribers Organically in 2021

How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers (the Real Way) to getting more free YouTube subscribers. Here are the 15 Tips to Increase Your YouTube Subscribers Organically in 2021. These ways are the best way to maximize your organic reach on the second-largest website in the world.

Video content is the leading method in the content marketing scene. YouTube is currently the leading platform for video blogging, sharing, and marketing. There are many potential customers for every video uploaded with billions of visitors every day. The best way to start reaching your goals is to convert these visitors into subscribers.

From studying geeks to happy souls in this modern age, YouTube has become routine. So being a part of this online community is not only fun, it is also a professional lifestyle. YouTube creators are now a job in fashion. This article will be a life-changing article for all YouTube creators eager to increase their channel subscribers.

Here are 15 simple tips to increase YouTube traffic.

  • Maintain quality, not quantity
  • Constant and frequent video production
  • Show your personality with plans and goals
  • Use eye-catching YouTube thumbnails
  • Ask your audience!
  • Make the watermark a subscribe button
  • TOP formula
  • Leave a comment yourself.
  • Give heart
  • Turn the winner’s video into a channel trailer.
  • Channel positioning
  • Use the following video as a subscription button.
  • Focus on the quality approach
  • Attract attention
  • Section information

1. Maintain quality, not quantity

Always post and upload appropriate content. Yes, longer content is ideal, but remember a shorter one, but higher quality work is much better than the average of five pieces of content. Surveys and polls about the interests of viewers. Know what your viewers want in your video. If your viewers think your content is valuable, they are more likely to be willing to subscribe to your page for future reference.

2. Constant and frequent video production

Whether you are active on YouTube or just starting out, it is very important to post regular posts. The more viewers who see me, the more it helps to grow your audience in the long run. Assign a day or a few days a week to post. Instill viewers into the habit of watching content on specific days. It is always helpful to use phrases that stand out for your day.

3. Show your personality with plans and goals

Know the shape of your channel and plan its content. Then compose your video. Always be original and yourself. Make sure of the script or action. You can start by launching a trailer at any time to increase the curiosity of your viewers. Take a look at successful competitors and see how to incorporate key content into your video.

4. Use eye-catching YouTube thumbnails

We all judge a book by its cover. So instead of randomly generating them, we create a custom video thumbnail for each video. It’s a trivial item, but thumbnails create a first chance to stand out. Shooting a short film or thumbnail image seems like a good investment.

5. Ask your audience!

The key to massive traffic on social media is getting as many people as possible to share your posts through social media channels. The simplest and easiest way is to write a sentence like “If you like this post, don’t forget to subscribe and share it” at the end of each post. Another way is to add “? Sub confirmation = 1” to the channel link.

6. Make the watermark a subscribe button

Every YouTube creator will know that everyone has the opportunity to add a watermark. Typically, people use the channel name or company logo as a watermark. But using the subscribe button as a watermark is very smart, as loyal viewers can subscribe to the channel without pause or extra effort

7. TOP formula

This is basically a three step process. T stands for Target audience. During the first 10 seconds of the video, you should briefly describe the purpose of the channel and the type of content that will be posted on the channel. So some people who need that kind of thing will definitely subscribe because they think they’ve finally found the perfect channel.

O stands for Origin Story. It is very important as it not only gives you a quick idea about yourself, but it also allows your story to connect with your viewers.

P stands for the tone to subscribe to. It will be a trigger for viewers who are not sure whether to subscribe or not.

This best formula, when implemented in the channel teaser video, will attract all random viewers to loyal subscribers (more info).

8. Leave a comment yourself.

It is a negative comment, but you should respond to as many comments as possible, because your interactions with your viewers will leave a positive vibe on your channel subscription.

9. Give heart

There is not much energy to use. Much easier than answering. Therefore, paying attention to viewer comments will embarrass viewers of your reactions, turning them from loyal viewers to subscribers.

10. Turn the winner’s video into a channel trailer.

Channel trailers are what random viewers see on the channel the first time they log in. So if you put in the best videos you watch the most, as a trailer, then random viewers will instantly like your content and subscribe to your channel.

11. Channel positioning

This is basically a one-line tagline that you provide to your channel. The main topic of this one line article is to give you a quick idea of the channel and its type of content for your viewers. Whenever a random user searches for something related to a single line, YouTube places the video in the featured video. In this way, new viewers can become subscribers.

12. Use the following video as a subscription button.

Using the next video at the end of the video increases the likelihood that people will watch more than one video. This will definitely increase the number of subscribers. Adding the best videos you watch the most as your next video will have a huge positive impact on your viewers.

Adding a subscriber button for 5-10 seconds after the next video will allow users to further identify you and even subscribe to the channel.

13. Focus on the quality approach

There is a general idea that posting more videos more frequently means more viewers and subscribers. This is a wrong concept. YouTube publishes 300 hours of video per minute. So instead of focusing on posting a lot of videos frequently, it’s better to post your videos with powerful and impressive content. This will attract more people’s attention than posting tons of videos.

14. Attract attention

If the video adds something to the screen or does more than usual, it will definitely catch the eye of your audience. Actually, this helps a lot to increase the number of subscribers.

15. Section information

The channel information section contains a description. So in this section, you need to write a one-line post for the channel first, then write what the channel shows. Then write how your channel differs from other channels. In the end, by subscribing to familiar phrases, they say the final notes that complete the phrases and conclude a friendly conclusion.

Don’t forget to edit your videos with the best tools and techniques along with these key techniques to increase your subscriber traffic. Get help from experts. Optimize the video description. To get your video subscribers, first deal with SEO. You can find famous YouTube influencers to promote yourself and your videos. Work with other YouTube bloggers to reach similar users in your field and ask them for the opportunity to do something interesting together. You can organize a “giveaway” on your channel as if 1000 subscribers received interesting benefits. Run ads on YouTube. Finally, promote your channel on YouTube and existing social media platforms.

Keep experimenting and exploring!

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