12 Alternative Search Engines That Find What Google Can’t

12 Alternative Search Engines That Find What Google Can not

Google search still can’t do everything. These 13 alternative search engines can look after some niche jobs for you.

12 Alternative Search Engines That Find What Google Can’t

If you saw this, what would be your first reaction? Scared, because your life is completely a slave to Google. Or, hopefully because it shows that another search engine that lets you search for anything.

Well, no one is cutting that digital tombstone yet. Yes, we are tied to Google. But this does not mean that there are no unknown search engines outside the fence. Let’s face it — Google search still can’t do everything. So these alternative search engines have stepped in to fill the gaps.

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1Ecosia: The Search Engine That Plants Trees


Google does well for the world in its own way. Echosia does its work in a small way. As you browse, 80% of the advertising profits go to programs that help plant trees in Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Indonesia and Peru. The search engine are using the modified Bing custom search.

Read their FAQ when they are open up about the project and also show you the progressing of their planting there programs. Echosia is a search engine that does not filter search results in any way, but it exposes websites that follow sustainable practices with a green leaf icon next to the result.

2Qwant: Keep Your Privacy


Open your tool of privacy tool to add this obscure search engine to the collection without any tracking engine. Qwant is also a more visual search engine than Google. The search engine also uses Microsoft Bing.

You can register and login to create a visual board by bookmarking the results of your choice. The privacy policy on the site states,

When you are connected to an ID, we do not use any cookie or any other tracking device while browsing the site.

Local storage on your machine is used to save your settings and data. Any personal data associated with your ID is also deleted after your account is canceled

3Peekier: Security, Privacy, and No Tracking


Peakier is one of the new privacy-conscious search engines, popularized by DuckDuckGo. Their policy reiterates not to log your personal information or track you in your browsing sessions. You may also like the fast result given in the clean design and fewer preview cards. Search results are taken from Bing.

Click on the hamburger icon in the top right to tweak the settings. Peakier suggests auto-search keywords and you can further refine them with more keywords integrated into the search bar after the results. The search engine has no other filter than the option to select your region.

4SearchTeam: A Collaborative Search Engine

Search team

Google has some amazing collaborative apps. Google search is not one of them. This difference is somewhat plugged by SearchTeam which calls itself a “collaborative search engine”. This is a good concept for teams that want to save time when they are looking for similar things.

For example, you can use SearchTeam to plan a holiday with family members and friends. Or, research the web for a medical condition. Invite others to your search location with an email. If you log in with a Facebook account, SearchTeam will automatically suggest people you want to invite. SearchTeam has only one obstacle it’s not free like Google. You can try it with a free trial account until the founders offer the free version.

5Yippy: Declutter Your Search


Yippy is more than a traditional search engine. Some of you may remember it by its old name — Clutsy. And as the old name suggests, it searches results by tapping into several search engines. It then adds the results and groups to the same result group. You can go deeper into your search with the group keyword on the left.

The meta-search engine has also filters out the undesirable results, and so you can suggest it as a good and helpful educational search engine for children.

6Kiddle: Search Engine for Children


Unfiltered search engine results are not good for children. Google is not a great product for children, even though it is a safe search option. Kedle is a good choice for a family-friendly search.

But note that this is not an official Google for kids product. The search engine is a customized version of Google that is more attractive to children. Large thumbnails, images, fonts come with child-safe web, image and video search.

Search the keywords in Web with These Niche Search Engines

The upper search engines are the general purpose of web browsing. This search engines below are topic and site specific, and they will really help you find the useful stuff that can’t you find on surface on Google.

7JustWatch: Find What’s Streaming

just watch

In Online streaming is a sending cable back to the dinosaur era. So, if you are a cord cutter, you might want to know where your favorite show is at the next location. It is also a shortcut to find out what is new on each streaming platform. You can customize your preferences and use providers, many different styles, IMDb or Rotten Tomato ratings, prices, HD / SD, or easy filters for release year.

8Giphy: For All Your GIF Search Needs


It is only possible that our grandchildren will communicate only in GIF. Okay, that’s too far. But, you can be prepared if the animated dystopian comes true with Giphy in the future.

Google now does a great job of finding animated GIFs, but I’m sure the world still flocks Giphy through its mobile keyboard. Next time check it out on the desktop.

9Thangs: Find 3D Printable Models


Google search still hasn’t caught up with the wave of 3D printing. But it steps into the search engine niche. Thang is an online community of 3D designers and the search engine is a part of that.

Thangs says that it is “a geometric search engine” powered by AI. It can recognize 3D models, see how parts can be assembled together, and then make accurate predictions about each object’s function, cost, material, performance, compliance, and more.

10NASA Images: The World’s Largest Stock of Space Photos

Nasa images

Any space and science lover can fall in love with it. It is a huge database of image, audio and video resources in a searchable index from over 60 different locations.Discover and download NASA’s treasure trove of more than 140,000 images, video and audio files from among the agency’s many missions through history.

NASA has given some usage guidelines. But news outlets, schools, and textbook authors can use NASA content without requiring explicit permission.

11SearchCode: Search Code Snippets

Search codes

This search engine for open source code can help you get through the difficult parts. Results are collected from open source repositories that are indexed and searchable. The search goes to 10+ sources and covers 90 languages.

Code search can be complicated. So, use a filter to limit it to a specific source, repository, or language. The results will be displayed along the relevant lines displayed.

12Ludwig: A Linguistic Search Engine


Ludwig is an interesting alternative to Google Translate. Here, you do not have to write the sentence you want to translate. Write the best estimate of the English translation you need.

The search engine compares your approximate sentence to a database of relevant examples taken from standard sources such as The New York Times, PLOS One, BBC, and scientific publications. Look at the list of results against your first sentence and learn the correct one.

Look at the results using each sentence in context. My first few attempts confuse me, but then I am proficient in the language of the queen. Nevertheless, it is an interesting way of learning the English language under the guise of a search engine.

Don’t Rely Only on Google Searches

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