11 ways to become a successful YouTuber

11 ways to become a successful YouTuber

It is an age when so many people dream of becoming a YouTuber so that one of the two biggest sayings of office workers is “I will do YouTube.” However, it is reckless to quit your job and become a YouTuber without any preparation.

Due to the fierce competition, “YouTube Red Ocean Loan” is being discussed, but it is not impossible to become a successful YouTuber if you set specific goals and plans. Marketers today are paying great attention to YouTube creators as a new marketing channel to reach potential customers. So, actually opening a YouTube channel is worth the challenge.

Check out 11 ways to become a successful YouTuber, and hope you use YouTube 120% as a powerful business marketing tool to advertise your brand.

11 ways to become a successful YouTuber

11 ways to become a successful YouTuber

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1Determining the meaning of success and focusing on your goals

For many YouTubers, ‘successes may mean a monetary reward. However, there is something more important than your bank account balance. No matter how much money you make, can you say that it is a successful career if you have to force yourself to do something you hate without a sense of accomplishment? I have to seriously consider what success is to me. If you’ve set goals for your channel, such as high views, more subscribers, or genuine communication with subscribers, it’s a good idea to focus on it and think of the rest as additional.

2Developing content according to channel goals

YouTube’s content is a video. There is a lot of good content, but it’s easy to find poor content. If you’ve already created a YouTube channel, don’t forget that content development is both enjoyable and requires effort. Now that you have defined the characteristics of your channel, your content should also be tailored to your channel goals. Although speaking alone in front of the camera, remember that you are building your brand personality. The easiest way to develop content is to show your natural self. My content is interesting enough, but what if I’m just an ordinary and uncharacteristic person? If so, it’s not too bad to add some unique charm. At this time, you must always think from the viewer’s point of view and maintain the proper lines.

you need to decide what content you want to offer through your channel. You can cover a wide range of topics, from videos that share knowledge to humor and later videos. Once you have decided on the direction of your content, carefully review and plan how to create a video that embodies your brand’s personality. It is also recommended to upload videos that introduce industry trends according to channel content and subcategory. If you have important news or useful information, make a video and upload it. It’s important to create content that fits your audience’s interests and interests. Even if a topic has already been covered in a similar channel, it can be a new opportunity to communicate it with your own unique perspective.

3Establish a concrete implementation method

Once you’ve decided what content you’re going to create, it’s time to plan how to do it. However, a plan for the overall operation of the YouTube channel must be prepared, not limited to content production. Think of it as a kind of business plan, and take the time to check that it’s running properly according to your plan. Also, it is a good way to check the items necessary for the operation of the YouTube channel as a checklist, such as equipment required for high-definition video production. If there is someone who wants to join the channel, how about finding the right candidate at this stage? It’s also important to have a realistically possible timeline for your content upload schedule. Collect content topics and plan a steady upload.

4Completing an attractive channel page

another issue to watch out for as a YouTuber is your unfinished YouTube profile. In YouTube, the visual medium, you need to pay special attention to what you see. Place your profile picture and logo in the right place, and balance your channel banner image. You should also consider the video thumbnail style to find a style to keep consistent.

5SEO management

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the content uploaded to your YouTube channel is very important. YouTube has a very sophisticated search engine, and users use it to discover new content. This means that if you set the right keywords for your content, you can increase the likelihood that someone will watch and enjoy your videos. If you find a video that is similar to the video you are trying to create, look carefully at the search terms in the video and change it little by little to see how the search results change. Through this process, detailed SEO work is possible. We also recommend researching the keywords you want to use and related popular keywords, and analyzing other keywords used by competing channels.

6Keeping it consistent

It’s a topic that pops up in countless articles on how to build a successful YouTube channel. Consistency must be maintained in order to reach the foot of success, otherwise it is only a way to grab immediate attention with viral videos. It would be nice if my video was viral, but the odds are extremely low. No matter what content you create, keep the timing and type of content consistent.

it’s a good idea to schedule your video upload and post it on the same day and time. By posting your videos on schedule, your subscribers can anticipate when new content will be available and you can keep a regular schedule of work. Consistency also applies to consistently creating content tailored to your brand’s personality.

For example, suppose you subscribe to a baking channel on YouTube and collect all the information related to baking there. What if one day a video of watching a baseball game was uploaded to the channel without any explanation? Wrong content uploaded without prior notice will only shock and confuse viewers. Therefore, if you want to try new types of content, please leave a notice to your subscribers in advance.

7Delivering only the core

It is pointless and unnecessary to describe in 5 minutes of content that can be shown in 30 seconds. If you say this, you may think that it is natural, but unfortunately, there are more videos than you think. Say the key right away so you don’t waste your viewers’ precious time. In particular, if it is a video that teaches ‘how to do’, you should immediately introduce the method. Video is a ‘showing’ visual medium (because podcasts instead of YouTube are enough for listening). Use the second half of the video to provide more detailed explanations or solutions. Subscribers will also respond to such efforts through’ Like’.

8Maintaining professionalism

it’s a good idea to show your expertise in your field as much as possible on YouTube videos. Stay on top of new industry news and topics covered by other YouTubers. By delivering news and trends in your field, you can provide relevant and fresh content to your viewers. Also, watching a video from a competing channel before making a video will help you see the perspective of other YouTubers. Through this process, you can create unique content that differentiates you from the position of competing channels and solidify your position as a professional channel that subscribers love.

9Close communication with subscribers

If you measure your success as a YouTuber in terms of number of subscribers, subscribers are like gold. So give your subscribers the right expression and communicate closely. Of course, it will take more than just answering subscribers’ questions and liking comments.

Community management in itself is a time-consuming and effort-consuming task, and live broadcasting is a great way to instantly connect with the community. Proper use of live video provides an opportunity to communicate directly with the viewer and show a more natural look.

It is also effective to organize a Q and A corner in real time or provide an answer to a question in the comment field. The main topic of this post is YouTube, but don’t forget to connect with the community through other social networks. Being active on multiple platforms can be a big help in gaining a new audience. Prove your passion for the community by running various channels.

5 tips for growing your community

  • Add links from one place to another on your social network. It is helpful to properly place the CTA button on the video.
  • When uploading a new video, actively promote it to other social media channels. Don’t forget to add a link to the latest video.
  • Create a blog that will engage the community.
  • Create a bulletin board for conversation.
  • Use Wix Email Marketing to send out newsletters promoting weekly blog posts, announcements, and updates.

10Make word of mouth with a great website

If you create major content around YouTube, your brand’s scalability may be slightly inferior. Go beyond sharing your videos on other social networks and create a great video website that will become your second home on your YouTube channel.

The great thing about a video website is that I have full control over the website, and there are no restrictions on social media platforms. Therefore, if you operate a website, you can freely enjoy the advantages of YouTube videos. Easily connect your YouTube channel to your website and integrate seamlessly with wix Video.

you’ll increase the number of times you watch videos right on your website, and you’ll have the option to sell, rent, or even set up a monthly subscription plan. All of these benefits are free.

11Learning from analysis results

There is room for improvement everywhere. Use the analytics tools supported by YouTube to directly check your video performance. By referencing the results of the analysis, you can gain insights about your channel’s subscribers and focus more on your target audience. You can also see the difference between a video that performs well. Make sure to use powerful analytics tools to grow your channel.

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