11 best movie sites to watch movies legally for free

I can’t remember the last moment I downloaded a movie on my laptop or tablet. Internet speeds and streaming services have improved a lot over the past few years, so all movies have been streamed normally. Thanks to the numerous great websites that offer streaming capabilities, streaming habits have made streaming movies much easier than streaming them.

11 best movie sites to watch movies legally for free

There are a lot of paid options out there, but they stick to the free ones because they offer a lot of free movies. The best part is that all these services are completely legitimate so you don’t have to worry about anything. So, if you are interested in streaming free movies, here are the 10 best movie sites that are legal and free.

Best Movie Sites To Watch Free Movies Legally

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1YouTube to watch movies for free

11 best movie sites to watch movies legally for free

A few weeks ago, YouTube launched a new category of movies for its viewers. Dubbed the “Free to Watch” category, these movies offer healthy movies that you can stream without paying a dime. All these movies are ad supported, so they basically work like any other YouTube video. I especially love the movie collection here because it offers some of the best movies YouTube has ever made. At this time i am writing this article, there are 99 titles featuring movies such as the Rocky series, Terminator, IP Man, Police Story, and more. If you like free movies, you should definitely check this out.


11 best movie sites to watch movies legally for free

My favorite movie on the best movie sites is Tuby. Most of the other services offer pretty old movies, but thanks to partnerships with filmmakers like Lionsgate, MGM, Starz, etc., Tuby can enjoy relatively new movies. One of the great things about Tuby is that it not only works in browsers, it has apps for a variety of platforms including Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and more. To watch movies, you need to sign up for a free account (no credit card required) and you can view hundreds of hours of free content.


11 best movie sites to watch movies legally for free

Vudu is a great place for streaming movies that are generally considered a paid service on other platforms. Vudu does so by showing ad-supported films and generating advertising revenue. This is a win-win situation for both viewers and companies, and Voodoo makes it a worthy competitor to the list of best movie sites. Thanks to this approach, Vudu gives you access to movies like Rocky, Predator, Unputedputed, Warrior and more. Vudu offers new movies (paid) just like the iTunes or Google Play store, so you can choose between free and paid movies in the same place. If you like movies, definitely check this out.

4Sony Crackle

11 best movie sites to watch movies legally for free

Another great place to watch free movies is Sony Crackle. The service is provided by large studios, so you get access to a large number of free movies along with high-quality, original content. Not only that, Sony Crackle offers great animated movies for animation lovers. I found the movie best suited for the action and thriller genre. Some of the movies hosted on Sony Crackle include Babel, Under 30 Minutes, Charlie’s Angles, Drive, and more. Although this service is only available in the US and Australia, it is still one of the best movie sites.


11 best movie sites to watch movies legally for free

Popocornflix is a great place to consume movies. First of all it is available worldwide, so it does not adhere to any content restrictions such as Sony Crackle or other limited services mentioned in this list. Secondly, the website is very fast and the streaming speed is very fast, so it is ideal for streaming movies if you have a slow internet connection. Finally, there are great movies here too, so you will find something interesting. In addition to offering studio movies, Popcornflix also offers a lot of indie movies that are good news for indie film lovers. Overall, this is a right and great place to find and discover and watch movies absolutely free


11 best movie sites to watch movies legally for free

This streaming service is for anime lovers and is the best movie site for Anime fans. This service provides content other than animation, but the most prominent content genre here is animation. You can find more awesome animated movies and series here than any other free movie streaming platform mentioned on this list. I myself haven’t used this service a lot, but I’ve heard pretty good things about the content features. In terms of performance, I had no problems while streaming on this platform. If you enjoy animation, definitely check this out.

7Documentary film

11 best movie sites to watch movies legally for free

If you are a fan of documentary films, this is the best movie site for you. Properly named “Top Documentary Films”, the service offers a wide variety of documentary films. The documentary covers a variety of subjects, including art, nature, mystery, politics, and sexuality. I personally don’t follow the documentary too much, so I can’t tell you about the quality of the content here. However, if you see online reviews, this is the best place to watch free documentary movies on the internet.

8Free Movie Cinema

11 best movie sites to watch movies legally for free

Free Movie Cinema is one of popular and the best movie sites for indie and short films. The service mainly has short films and indie films, so you can access them in just a few months. The platform also offers studio films, but nothing new compared to indie or short films. The film covers a wide variety of genres, including Western, Zombie Flip, War, SciFi, and more, so everyone can find something to see here. If you like short films, definitely check it out.

9Hot Star

11 best movie sites to watch movies legally for free

This is for all Bollywood movie lovers out there. Hotstar is a studio-supported online streaming service that offers a variety of free and paid movies. While most of the new movies are paying off, the free collection of Bollywood movies here isn’t bad either. Also, if the movie doesn’t do much to the box office, it’s usually available in a few months. In addition to Bollywood movies, international movies, series and more are available.

10Panda Streaming

11 best movie sites to watch movies legally for free

Pannda Streaming, the last service to be introduced, allows you to stream TV shows and movies without signing up for membership. While the benefits of Panda Streaming vary, there are also some risks.

Movies and TV libraries are regularly updated, and when streaming, the quality is clearly marked in HD, CAM, etc., so you can check the quality of the video before viewing. In addition, user ratings are displayed for each movie, so you can decide which one to watch. Overall, it was confirmed that among the non-CAM products, videos without a fast streaming speed and buffering problem received high ratings.

However, Panda streaming does not host files on its own, and provides streaming services from external sites or torrents. At this time, if you use a VPN, you can protect yourself from various risks that may occur while using Panda Streaming, and you can safely enjoy TV shows and movies through it.


11 best movie sites to watch movies legally for free

SnagFilms is a service with over 2,000 types of contents, including classic cult films and independent films. In the catalog, you can find tolerable genres, and it includes quite a variety of TV programs and series.

Membership registration is required to use this service, but membership registration itself is simple and clear like other sites. Ads aren’t so intrusive, and the content is well organized, so it’s easy to navigate.

The only problem with this website is that some movies won’t play. I tried changing the connection to a VPN server in several countries, but the videos were still not available.

No matter how diverse the content is provided, it is of no use if the programs and movies you want to watch are not played. However, all the images that were played normally were of great quality.

Best Movie Sites To Watch Movies Legally The article ends with the best movie sites that are completely free and legit. I love streaming movies, which makes the whole experience a lot simpler. Check out this site and let us know what you like by writing in the comments section below. Also, if you miss a great service and want to share it with us, don’t hesitate.

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